Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are a range of professional salon products to add hair extensions to clients’ real hair, using strand by strand methods.

The term covers many different hair extensions techniques where hair is bonded using a keratin bond before application rather than attaching loose ‘bulk’ hair with glue. The pre-bonded range incorporates stick tip hair extensions, or I tip hair extensions that are used with copper micro rings and are called micro ring extensions or micro loop extensions, as well as keratin bonds.

It is a far gentler method of hair extension application than glue.


Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Nowadays ‘pre bonded hair extensions’ is a term more commonly used to describe flat tip or nail tip hair extensions. Appropriately sized strands of extensions hair are fused into one extension at a time using keratin. This keratin bond is already part of the hair extension – it is pre-bonded to the extension hair.

The advantages of the keratin pre-bond are that it makes application time faster. The pre-bonded hair is good to go. It also means that the extension hair will not shed as the hair is ready fused into the nail tip or flat tip keratin tip.

This pre-bonded tip can be melted to form a small bond that is rolled around the clients existing hair. Keratin is a polymer substance designed to replicate the structure of protein in all real hair. It is designed not to damage the hair, yet can easily be applied and successfully removed as required using our Keratin Bond Remover solution

Our entire range of pre bonded hair extensions are double drawn meaning they are thick from end to tip. They are made from the finest Russian and Mongolian Remy human hair. They can be worn (and reapplied) for many many months by adopting an appropriate after care routine using our hair extension aftercare range.

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