The Terms and Conditions of Buying Hair Extensions


Items are sold by Secret Hair on the understanding that they will be used only for their intended purpose.

Secret Hair accept no responsibility for trained, or untrained personnel without qualified supervision using or misusing goods and equipment supplied by Secret Hair Extensions.

All offers are subject to stock availability and Secret Hair Extensions reserves the right to restrict, withdraw or refuse any order at any time.

Sizes and specifications are given as a guide and in good faith, and are subject to alteration by us without notice.

All human hair products have been dyed or bleached and as this manufactured for Secret Hair Extensions and supplied by batch, colour variation will occur.  Please note that in some cases the colour of the hair product will affect the longevity of its performance.  Some shades may fade over extended time periods and good aftercare should be carried out (especially on bleached shades) to maintain the condition of hair products.

Colour rings are offered as a guide only, and due to the nature of our hair being a natural product, will be subject to variation.

All colours are represented as closely as possible – to aid selection using electronic screens and monitors.  Displays and resolutions can affect how these appear on screen and Secret Hair Extensions cannot accept responsibility where these may vary from the actual product.

Orders are processed chronologically and stock levels adjusted accordingly.  There may be instances where an order cannot be fulfilled due to stock levels being updated.

Human hair extensions are a natural product and as such, from time to time, issues can occur. The hair is guaranteed for use when carrying out the correct installation, aftercare procedures and maintenance.  In the unlikely event that any Secret Hair Extensions product is found to be faulty, we will offer replacement hair in this instance but will not offer any form of refund in respect of fitting charges incurred.


Due to lack of control over application procedures and the operation of application and removal equipment such as glue, glue guns and other application products, our manufacturers and Secret Hair Extensions accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or injury caused to third parties.

All products are intended for professional use only.

Products are guaranteed only when Secret Hair Extensions aftercare range has been purchased in the customer’s name at the same time as the extension hair product(s).

Secret Hair Extensions do not accept any responsibility for hair that has been chemically treated, coloured or altered in any way after purchase.  This includes the use of coloured, silver or purple shampoos.

Our human hair products and tools may be of Russian,  Indian, Asian, or Chinese origin.

By placing an order via Telephone, Online, In-Store or on our Social Media platforms you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions


We welcome orders from within the EU. However, there are certain countries where we cannot as we are prohibited from doing, so by law.  We are unable to accept responsibility for items being delayed or withheld by customs.


Prices and special offers are correct at the time of goods being displayed on this site only, and are subject to alteration without notice.


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