With the ever-increasing demand for hair extensions and hair replacement systems, hair extension technologies have had to adapt to cater for this need. The quality and availability of synthetic hair extensions has advanced considerably over the last few years. We are going to examine the Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair Extensions to help you decide whether they are the right hair extensions for you!

What Are Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Synthetic Hair Extensions are made from human-made fibers designed to look and feel (as much as is possible) like human hair. Their ease of production means they are available in a variety of colours and length.

What Are The Advantages of Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Due to the synthetic nature of these products, they consistently hold the style they were designed with. Most synthetic pieces come wavy or with a bouncy blow dry style that never drops. This means that once purchased they can be worn straight from the packaging! No styling, washing or lengthy fitting process necessary.


Bryony wears one of 22inch Synthetic Hair Pieces in colour 2.

They are weather resistant! The synthetic fibers are resistant to rain and humidity, meaning you won’t ruin your hairstyle in adverse weather conditions. Unlike human hair extensions which are prone to dropping their style or even frizzing in extremely hot climates. Human Hair Extensions will behave just like your hair in these conditions; meaning that in heavy rain, your gorgeous bouncy blow dry is likely to drop, but your synthetic hair-piece will remain as bouncy as ever!

They’re easy! As Synthetic Hair Extensions require no styling, they are an excellent option for those unfamiliar with styling their hair, or for those who do not have the time to style their hair each morning. We are regularly asked by clients, how they can achieve celebrity hair when they are not confident at styling hair or don’t have the required tools? Synthetic Hair Extensions are a great option for these customers. They are also quick to place and remove from the hair, making them ideal for Mums in a rush for the school run.

They’re much more affordable than human hair extensions. Superb quality human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair, this is because they last much longer, often up to and over a year. However, if you are looking for a short-term hair extension fix, then Synthetic Hair Extensions are an excellent choice. They are much more affordable and can even be purchased in bulk due to their affordability.

They make an excellent option for Bridal/Prom hair; we often get clients looking for hair extensions that will provide them with gorgeous hair but only for the day/weekend. They make an equally convenient choice for a holiday when you don’t want to spend a great deal of time getting ready and want to pack light!

What Are The Negatives Of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Although synthetic hair is designed to look and feel like human hair, there are some variations. Synthetic hair isn’t  soft like human hair; it also appears slightly more shiny than natural hair.


Blogger Daisey O’Donnell wears a Secret Hair Extensions Synthetic Hair Piece in colour 10/18/613. This photo shows her hair before and after.

It cannot be washed or styled with heat, doing so can cause the synthetic fibers to melt, tangle and lose shape, ultimately making your synthetic hair-piece unusable. Therefore they can only be worn for a short amount of time. If you look after your hair-piece well and put it somewhere suitable when not worn, your synthetic hair-piece should last a few weeks.

They only have one style. Unlike human hair extensions that have the bonus of versatility, synthetic hair extensions can only be worn in the form they were created with. If you like to alternate between styles such as straight and curly, you may need to purchase two separate synthetic hair-pieces or opt for human hair extensions. Some synthetic hair can be styled on a very low heat setting, although this isn’t easy and isn’t always advisable!

We hope we have provided you with some information on the pros and cons of synthetic hair extensions. If you require any further information on which type of hair extensions would be best for you, or a colour match; please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team who would be happy to help.

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