Celebrity Secret Micro Ring Hair Extensions
Celebrity Secret Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Celebrity Secret Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions
Frequently Asked Questions

As Micro Ring Hair Extensions are individual strands, the weight is distributed around the head, avoiding that ‘heavy’ feeling associated with some extensions methods. Many clients find Micro Ring Hair Extensions the most comfortable method to wear. When fitted with our thin copper rings, they are squeezed flat, so they are not noticeable to the wearer.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are easy to tie up and cover when wearing a ponytail. For a keen gym-goer or someone who has to tie their hair up every day for work, Micro Ring Hair Extensions are a discreet and easy to maintain option.

How many Stick Tip Hair Extensions you need is dependent on how thick your hair is. An average thickness will need around 100-150 strands. Thicker heads may need 200+ strands. Always consult your stylist before ordering.

As with all pre-bonded hair extensions methods, always plait your hair at night. You must never go to bed with wet or slightly damp hair. Doing this will keep your hair neat and tidy as well as preventing any tangling, making it much easier to manage in the morning.

We advise maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks. The exact amount of time needed may differ depending on how quickly your hair grows and how you have cared for the extensions between appointments.

When applied by a reputable hair extension professional, Micro Ring Hair Extensions should cause no damage whatsoever. They require no heat, glue or harsh chemical for application or removal. Micro Ring Hair Extensions are one of the safest methods on the market. The secret is to have regular maintenance appointments so that a full strand of your natural hair is always supporting the extension.

There is no strict rule on how many times you should wash your hair extensions. We recommend washing your Micro Ring Hair Extensions between 2-3 times per week. This allows for a thorough cleanse and provides nutrients for the hair extensions. Remember to separate your hair extensions after each wash to prevent any tangling.

Brush over your hair extensions and scalp using a soft bristle brush every day, before bed, and in the morning. Lift up and clip the top section of your hair to ensure you are brushing through the lower layers of rings. Start by brushing hair from the ends and work up to the roots; this avoids any tension or snagging. Cleanse with Hair Extensions Shampoo and treat with Hair Extensions Conditioner. Always use our Elixir Spray to protect from heat and feed the hair daily.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions need brushing regularly, just like your natural hair. Always use a soft bristle brush or tangle-teaser; they are gentle on your hair. Start brushing out the ends of your hair. Once smooth, work your way up until your hair is thoroughly brushed. Don’t brush start from the roots down; this can cause tension and potentially loosen your extensions.

Although it is possible to leave your hair extensions to dry naturally, we recommend blow-drying your hair extensions straight. Drying your hair extensions straight keeps the cuticle smooth and the hair soft. It will also keep your hair extensions looking shiny and glossy; it is much quicker than letting them dry naturally.

We always recommend that you have your extensions removed by an extension professional. The removal of the ring is quite straightforward. The most important factor is the careful combing, once the micro rings are opened, to remove any product build up and any hairs that remain above the site of the ring.

You will need some thin copper micro rings, a pulling loop, some hair extension pliers and some clips. These can be bought on our site, and should only be used by trained professionals.

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