Celebrity Secret Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Our Micro Ring Hair Extensions are bonded with our specially developed keratin polymer. This enables us to compact the bonds on our micro ring hair extensions into a tiny stick tip suitable for the smallest micro ring application. This special formula means that the bond remains durable and flexible, springing back to shape after the removal of the micro ring, so that it can be used for repeat salon professional applications. Even after several re-applcations the bond can be easily re-inserted into a new micro ring . The special bond will not break down, flatten or shed after repeat applications.  Micro ring hair extensions remain one of our best sellers for this reason.  Micro ring hair extensions are also one of the safest human hair extensions application methods on the market.

Stick Tip Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are one of the most well-known methods of hair extensions applications on the market. Favourite amongst stylists and salons worldwide, it is easy to see why Micro Ring Hair Extensions are such a popular choice of method. For the most experienced hair extensions fan to newbies in the industry; Micro Ring Hair Extensions are an excellent choice for all. The finest cuticle retained Remy hair is used throughout our Pre-bonded Micro Ring Hair Extension ranges. Our hair extensions are designed to last the client many months, perfect for the salon professional searching for a long-lasting, luxury hair extensions brand they can be proud of. Our unique compact keratin polymer allows us to bond our micro ring hair extensions with tiny tips, in turn allowing us to use mini micro rings for the most discreet Micro Ring Hair Extensions on the market.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Advantages

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are safe.

Although hair extensions fitting methods are now the safest they have ever been, we understand some individuals may show hesitancy when it comes to hair extensions. Micro Ring Hair Extensions are entirely safe to fit and remove because they require no heat or glue for application. In fact, most of our own salon client’s report that their hair has improved while wearing Micro Ring Hair Extensions.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are Discreet.

Each tiny micro ring or micro bond is designed to mimic the colour of the wearer’s root, making micro ring hair extensions blend seamlessly with the client’s hair. We develop our hair extension bonds and micro rings to be as small as possible to allow the hair to be worn in a variety of styles including updos and ponytails. Micro Ring Hair Extensions Are Strong Microring hair extensions are applied with a thin copper ring. As this can be squeezed almost flat it will remain securely in place in the client’s hair. Additionally, because the keratin bond is enclosed within the micro ring, it will not be subject to damage from oils and conditioners that can weaken the hair extension bond. Micro Ring Hair Extensions are Versatile Because the strands are so small, they allow for a variety of styles to be achieved. Whereas Weave hair extensions or clip in hair extensions are more challenging to hide, micro ring extensions, being only a few millimetres wide, will bend and move against the clients head to give a more natural appearance when being tied up or pulled back.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are Reusable.

Unlike other hair extension brands, Secret Hair Micro Ring Hair Extensions can be used over and over again with no messy re-bonding or re-taping. Our unique flexible tip ensures that the pre-bonded hair extension tip springs back into shape when removed from the micro rings. The result is a hair extension bond that is easier to reinsert into the copper micro ring during maintenance appointments. Our own unique keratin bond polymer formulation prevents shedding and bond breakdown, allowing our micro ring hair extensions to stay thick and looking fabulous throughout their lifetime.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Can Be Customised

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are comprised of individual strands, rather than wide wefts, and as such, can be mixed to match the client’s hair colour. Several shades can be mixed to create a highlighted or lowlighted effect. As the extensions are applied the colour intensity can be mixed up or down by appropriate placement of the different strand shades. This gives far more flexibility in matching the client’s own hair tones. Micro Rings are suitable for all hair types and hair colours.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Can Be Used to Fill Out Clients’ Own Hair

Micro ring hair extensions are invaluable if the client has shorter sides – perhaps due to over straightening or growing out a previous style. Micro ring hair extensions can be used to thicken out back sections. A full head application of micro ring hair extensions is not always necessary.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Are Comfortable

Micro rings completely flatten when applied correctly. Flat bonds make micro ring hair extensions extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day and while sleeping. After the initial fitting, Micro Ring Hair Extensions feel just like the client’s natural hair to the wearer. Perfect for individuals who have previously worn Clip In Hair Extensions or Weft Hair Extensions, they are often perceived as less heavy or bulky.

Disadvantages of Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions come with few disadvantages however:

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Take Time to Apply

Micro ring hair extensions come in 0.8-1g strands. As such up to 200 strands may need to be applied depending on thickness required. However, the more natural movement and appearance will make this effort worthwhile

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Are More Expensive

Micro ring hair extensions are applied strand by strand and will, therefore, take the stylist longer in application. This is reflected in the fitting price to the client. Micro ring hair extensions also cost more to produce. As each extension strand is formed by hand it takes longer for each extension to be rolled into the flexible keratin bond. This is time-consuming and labour intensive.

Luxury Remy Hair is Not Cheap

Our Micro ring hair extensions are made from our slow processed luxury remy human hair. This hair is harder to source and our cold water, gentle pigment techniques take many more days to complete. This too is reflected in the price, though our mission is to keep prices as low as possible for our customers.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extension continue to be the most popular of hair extension application techniques. Micro ring methods remain the most common when using stick tip hair extensions or pre bonded hair extensions.

For this reason, we have developed our range of Celebrity Secret Virgin Remy Hair Extensions to incorporate a tiny tip of our special keratin polymer. This is small and durable and will fit the smallest of micro rings for application.

Micro rings are made from a small thin ring of copper. The real benefit of using copper for creating micro rings is that the copper is soft to squeeze flat with the application pliers thereby allowing it to flatten completely for a tight grip on the extensions hair.

The extension strands attached using micro rings are more generally known as Micro Ring Hair Extensions. The industry name for this type of hair extension type is Stick Tip Hair Extensions or ‘I Tip Hair’. Any of these term refers to the process of attaching hair extensions with copper rings.

Micro Rings Sizes
Sizes of the micro rings used to fit micro ring hair extensions can vary according to the pre bonded stick tip extensions used. The inner dimension of the ring will be determined by the size of the tiny keratin tip bonding the extension hair in the single hair extension strand. A slightly larger micro ring will be needed for 1g hair extension strands than 0.5g or 0.8g hair extension strands.

Secret Hair Extensions MicroRing Extensions / Stick Tip Hair Extensions are made with a special polymer keratin which allows us to make the tips extra small for use with smaller sized micro rings. The advantage of using smaller micro rings for extensions installation is that more extension strands can usually be accommodated in each client head of natural hair.

Micro ring hair extensions are an excellent choice as they are fitted without the need for heat or glue in application. Micro ring extensions are easier to maintain after several weeks as the clients own hair grows down.

Micro ring hair extensions can be applied using shorter copper micro rings. This type of micro rings can include an internal screw lining for added grip. Micro rings can also come silicone lined for a cushioned grip.

In our salons, Secret Hair Extensions UK prefer to fit our micro ring hair extensions using a tiny tube made of thin copper. We have these micro rings custom made for us to our unique specification that allows the thinnest copper material for tighter fitting. These are manufactured with the optimum length for increased surface area in order to make contact with the stick tip / micro ring hair extension strand. These can be purchased here on our micro rings page

Micro ring hair extensions offer the wearer the benefit of including a long lasting bond. Because the tiny tip of keratin we use in the manufacture of our extensions is contained within the copper micro ring, it will not be melted by accidental or direct application of heat, e.g., from straightening tools or heated appliances, to the bond. Enclosing the entire keratin tip within the micro ring means the bond is less likely to be broken down by products, such as conditioners or oils, or from natural oils produced on the scalp.

Secret Hair Extensions UK micro ring hair extensions come in our range of shades including mixed colours, ombre shades and balayage hair extensions options. A full range of after care products are available to prolong the performance of our human hair products.  These are specially designed for our extensions ranges and you guarantee requires that you  follow our aftercare routine using our specialist aftercare products.

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