Clip In Hair Extensions
Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions add length and volume to your hairstyle in an instant. Our luxury remy clip in hair extensions help you to change your hair in minutes. Afterall, when it comes to looking fabulous, who wants to wait?!

Clip in Hair Extensions give you added volume and length immediately. Want Celebrity hair? Whether it’s a clip in hair piece or a multi part clip in extension set, our luxury ‘Celebrity Secret’ clip in hair extensions come in a variety of lengths and styles to give you that red carpet look.. NOW!

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions come in many forms these days. Perhaps you are looking for a single clip in hair piece for added volume or a multi-piece clip in hair extensions  set to add length and volume to specific points, where needed. Maybe filling out a messy bun or some added help with an updo, clip in hair extensions do not have to be all about length. Volume and effects can be added instantly with our luxuy remy clip in hair extensions!

But if hair length is what you are after, then we have the remy hair extensions for you! Our clip in hair extension sets come in lengths from 16” extensions to dramatic 24” clip in sets with a whopping 280g of Virgin Remy human hair.

Our clip in hair  extensions are made using the same quality Remy  hair that are used in our pre-bonded hair extension ranges. Our Remy human hair clip in extensions are guaranteed not to matt or tangle. Remy means that the hair still retains its cuticle layer, and all hair is aligned. Virgin human hair strands lie parallel with all cuticles facing the same way. Not only does this mean that our clip in hair extensions are tangle free, it means hair retains its softness and lustre when cared for properly. Check out our range of hair extensions aftercare products to keep clip in extensions in tip top condition.

As our human hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair, our clip in hair extensions can also  can be curled, straightened or blow dried. They are incredibly easy to curl and style. They can be styled while in your hair, or curl in advance for your early morning rush! Why not plait them and leave them for natural beachy wave hair? Clip them into your existing ponytail or clip them in ‘upside down’ as part of your latest updo.

With sturdy silicone lined clips for your comfort and a full range of tonal shades, our clip in hair extensions range will give you the Celebrity Secret! Just clip them in and you are ready to go! Available in multi tonal shades, as balayage hair extensions and ombre hair extension sets.  Not for permanent wear. Do not sleep in clip in extensions, glue or sew them in.

Clip In Hair Extensions
Frequently Asked Questions

Secret Clip In Hair Extensions are suitable to be worn every day. Our clips were designed with a soft silicone lining, providing a protective barrier between your hair and the metal clip. It will also prevent slipping and tension on your hair.

While Clip In Extensions can be worn every day; it is essential to remove them each night and when washing your hair. This is to prevent the extensions from tangling in with your hair. When applied and cared for correctly, Clip In Hair Extensions will cause no damage to your hair whatsoever. Clip In Hair is not designed to be sewn or glued into your hair.

Clip In Hair Extensions are a great aid in helping your hair to grow. Most of us will find after years of heat damage, colouring and styling – our hair grows to a certain point then stops! By wearing Clip In Hair Extensions, you will be applying these sources of heat and damage to the extensions, rather than your hair. You will essentially be shielding your own hair behind the extensions. You need not apply heat to your natural hair if you style the extensions before clipping in!

As with all extensions, correct care must be followed, including removing the hair extensions at night and when washing your hair. Protect the clip hair by using our Elixir Spray as a heat protector.

The amount of Clip In Hair Extensions you will need is dependent on the thickness of your own hair. While we designed our Clip In Extensions sets to be thick enough for a full head, if you have incredibly thick hair, you may need to opt for a heavier option on our website, or even purchase two sets to ensure a seamless blend on application.

If you have fine hair, you may find you only need to wear half of the set to avoid the hair extensions from showing. Generally, we find that one set is usually enough for a gorgeous looking result.

Clip In Hair Extensions can be worn daily and must be removed at night and when washing. The hair extensions themselves should last many months with proper aftercare.

Proper aftercare includes:

Our Clip In Hair Extensions are 100% Human Double Drawn Remy hair. Meaning you can style, wash and treat the extensions like your own hair and, in turn, can be restyled, straightened and reused time and time again!

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