Root Mimic Tape In Hair Extensions

Why Tape In Hair Extensions are so Popular

Tape Hair Extensions are undoubtedly the best method on the market for most extensionists and clients right now. Tape ins are the method of choice throughout the hair extensions industry. Celebrities and fashion icons are all moving to tape in hair extensions. Why? Because tape hair extensions are super fast to apply, easy to maintain, and feel virtually weightless to the wearer. For those new to extensions or individuals wanting to switch from clip in hair extensions or individual hair extension methods, tape hair extensions are the ideal choice.

Tape hair extensions are non-damaging. Tape hair extensions are easy to wear and maintain. Made from the highest quality luxury Russian Mongolian hair, our Root Mimic Hair Extensions are not only the best on the market; they are super discreet in the hair. As each strand of Remy human hair is injected separately into the tape, they replicate human hair root growth. Tapes are colour coordinated so as not to be seen. As each tape is 2.5g in weight, volume and length can be added in a very short time. They can be worn for 6-8 weeks before retaping is carried out. Our hair extensions aftercare range is specially designed for use with our Root Mimic Tape Hair.

1. Tape Hair Extensions are Invisible and Flexible:
As tape in hair is so thin, it is far less detectable in the client’s hair. The surgical grade soft tapes lie flat to the head without any bulk at the root. They are so versatile and there are so many styling options available when using tape extensions that cannot be achieved as easily with clip ins for example. It is possible to wear them in a variety of hairstyles such as super high ponytails and updos.

Tape in extensions are so flexible in the hair that the wearer can barely feel them; when brushing the hair, washing the hair or just wearing them day to day.

Another advantageous factor with tape in hair extensions compared to individual hair extensions is that during shampooing, blow-drying and styling tape extensions are quicker to dry and stay flatter. With other individual strand hair extension methods, hair tends to stay in thicker strands and it can take longer to blow-dry excess water from the hair, in order to style. Tape hair extensions really are a great choice.

2. Tape Hair Extensions Are The Least Damaging Hair Extensions Method:
Tape in extensions are considered the least damaging hair extensions application method on the market. The fact that tape in hair extensions are so lightweight, means they will not pull on the client’s hair. As more extension hair is distributed across the mini weft, the weight of the tape in hair is more evenly distributed across a wider section of the cients own hair. Our Root Mimic Tape Extensions are 4cm wide so this gives an even distribution of the hair extensions weight.

Tape hair extensions grow down very successfully with the natural hair. As tape in hair extensions sit flat against the head, they are not prone to twisting and tangling near the root. There is less chance of stray hair wrapping around the tops of tape hair extensions. As the tape in hair growns down, the extension wefts still remain flat against the head, but can easily be removed. Even those clients with fine hair can successfully wear tape in hair extensions without fear of damaging their own har.

Tape in hair extensions cause no discomfort. Additionally, tape in hair extensions will not cause hair loss if correctly maintained. They are super comfortable.

3. Tape Hair Extensions are More Cost Effective:
Tape in Hair Extensions are often more affordable to clients as they incur a lower application costs than other single strand hair extensions methods, such as fusion or micro ring extensions. This is because of the quicker, more simple application methods. Far less of the technician’s time needs to be booked out for tape hair application or tape hair maintenance. Each tape in extension is 2.5g in weight. This means that each tape in hair ‘sandwich’ is 5g. Therefore volume can be achieved very quickly. When applying tape in hair extensions 5g of hair, i.e. just two tape in extension pieces can be applied much quicker than 5 or 6 single strand prebonded extensions.

Similarly, maintenance appointments will be cheaper too, due to the ease of removal and refitting tape in hair. Salon owners love tape in extensions, as a shorter section of a stylists column needs to be booked out for each tape in fitting. This means that more clients can pass through each chair, for a faster more cost effective turnover and better salon returns.

4. Tape in Hair Extensions are Completely Reusable:
Our luxury Root Mimic Tape in Hair Extensions are reusable. They can be reapplied for up to a year; Tape hair can be reapplied several times over, using our retaping tabs. Clients like to know that the hair will be resilient and perform for many many months. The process of retaping tape in hair is very straightforward too. Clients like the fact they can be in and out of the salon far quicker with tape hair extensions – especially with regard to maintenance appointments.

Tape hair extensions can be removed within 20 minutes with our Tape Hair Bond Remover. The tapes can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol and are ready for refitting right away. Hair extensions are an investment for most clients and they love the fact that hair can be used over and over.

5. Tape Hair Extensions are Low Maintenance:
Tape in extensions are by far the easiest hair extension method for clients to maintain. This is because of their super thin and relatively wide construction compared to other single strand extension methods. Once applied, the tape in hair extensions can simply be shampooed as normal and need less time for drying and maintaining. They will not tangle at the tops. As they grow down, they are easily removed and reapplied. Tape hair extensions feel virtually undetectable, and most clients love the fact they are so convenient when brushing and styling. Where clients need a variety of options to fit their lifestyle, such as wearing hair up for the gym and so on, tape in hair extensions allow this with less effort to conceal the bonds than other hair extensions methods.

Tape In Hair Extensions
Frequently Asked Questions

It is completely possible to wash your hair while wearing tape in extensions. Tape in extensions ae made from hyper allergenic surgical grade tape. This means that the tape adhesive is strong enough to hold for 6 – 8 weeks in the hair, but will not damage the hair in any way. When it comes to removing the tape ins, a specialist tape in hair bond remover needs to be used. Of course some common sense needs to be employed. When washing tape in hair, always use our specialist aftercare products. These are designed not only to prolong the lifespan of your tape in hair, but they will not affect the bonds. Oils should not be applied to the bonds of any hair extension type. This is true of tap in hair extensions too. Avoid applying oil at the roots as this could cause tape in hair to start to slip.

Tape in hair extensions are extremely popular because they are so safe to use on the natural hair. The fact that each tape in mini weft is several inches wide, means that the weight of the extension hair is spread evenly across a wider section of the natural hair. In addition, two tape in pieces are added to each side of the section of hair, making a ‘sandwich’. These tapes also bond with each other to form a strong bond which also helps keep the tape in strand in place without stressing the natural hair in between.

Tape in extensions work very well. The high grade of adhesive material use in the construction of our tape in hair means that it will stay firmly in place in the natural hair for 6-8weeks or more. The bond on the tape in hair, needs to be loosened by using our tape in bond remover to help dissolve the adhesive. So tape ins work very well in terms of their secure fitting. They also work very well in terms of the tape ins not being visible in the hair. Tape ins are especially good for people with fine hair. This is because the tape in strand is extremely flat and think. This means that volume can be added to the hair very easily, without the need for bulk at the root.

Tape in Extensions need Tape In bond remover to loosen them for removal. They will not simply fall out. Once this remover has been applied and the tape ins have been professionally removed, re-taping is very simple. The remover on the tapes means that it can be rolled with the thumb so that the adhesive curls up on its self and can be easily wiped away. By cleaning the tape area with alcohol, the new tape can simply be stuck onto the taped top.

No type of hair extensions should damage your real hair if applied correctly and maintained regularly. The same is true of tape ins. The underlying principle in fitting extensions safely is to ensure that the section supporting the extensions is at least as thick as the extension strand itself. This is why you should never apply extensions to your own hair. Extensions should only be fitted by trained professionals who will ensure this is the case. Regular maintenance is essential. The average person loses up to 100 hairs a day (without wearing extensions) . Over the space of a couple of moths this natural shedding (as part of the natural hair growth cycle) means that each extension will be supported by slightly less hair. So it is imperative that extensions are removed and reapplied every 8 weeks or so during a maintenance appointment. This also allows the fall away hairs, that will be secured in the hair extension bond to be combed out before they can tangle around the bon. Following the rules given in our aftercare section, or by the salon professional fitting the extensions means your hair will be safe while wearing any type of hair extension.

Tape in hair extensions can be worn for up to 8 weeks. The surgical grade adhesive tape used on or tape ins will easily last this long. However, as the extensions grown down you will need to have them removed and reapplied so that they do not become visible, as so that they are correctly positioned to prevent undue stress on the hair, by catching with a hairbrush and so on.

Our tape in hair is made from the finest remy human hair. The hair is cuticle aligned and will not tangle. Our tape in hair is also double drawn. This means that it is thick from root to tip. This ensures maximum volume without needing to trim too much hair away.  By using our aftercare products on the tape in hair, it will last up to 12 months. The adhesive tape is surgical quality. This means that it is hypoallergenic. In addition, it will hold strong for around 8 weeks so will be secure in the natural hair.

20 tape in extensions will make 10 bonded pairs. 60-80 tape in extensions will be needed for a full head tape in application.

Tape in extensions are very secure. The quality of the tapes is paramount. Secret Hair Tape ins use only the best American tapes. This tape is designed to last a minimum of 6-8 weeks before needing to be removed with Tape In Extensions Bond Remover. They cannot be washed out. The two sides of the tape in ‘sandwich’ will stick to each other as well as the hair for maximum adhesion and staying power. Oils of course, should not be applied to the tapes or roots.

This depends on the pricing policy of the salon. A full head application of tap in hair extensions will require 60 – 80 strands. In addition to the purchase cost of the tape in hair, the cost of fitting needs to be added This will be anything from £50 to a few hundred pounds depending on the salon’s own policy. Generally speaking tape in hair will be no more expensive than other methods as its application is more straightforward and faster. This is often reflected in the price.

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