Balayage Hair Extensions

Balayage Hair Extensions

Balayage derives from a French word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint.’ Balayage Hair Extensions are hand painted with sweeping motions, unlike foils which use strips of hair that are coloured in blocks/stripes. This technique creates a less uniform blend, meaning a more natural, sun-kissed effect.

The demand for Balayage Hair Extensions has increased dramatically over the last few years. A-listers, Social Media Stars and Red Carpet Royalty are reguarly seen wearing this trend, take a look at Chrissy Teigen or Kate Beckinsale for inspiration. As with all red-carpet trends, this look is translating into salons worldwide, clients are seeing it on the red carpets and runways and want to achieve the same finish.

We have developed several balayage shades to compliment every hair shade and skin tone. As balayage is a subtle, free hand effect, our Balayage Hair Extensions have a less uniform blend than some Ombre Hair Extensions. This means that colour matching to the client’s own shade does not need to be quite so exact, as the colours will flow into each other whilst still achieving a fabulous colour graduation.

Our Balayage Remy Human Hair Extensions come in various ranges including our Double Rose Gold Weft (perfect for Weave Hair Extensions), Human Hair Pieces, Clip In Hair Extensions as well as our Pre Bonded Hair Extensions ranges.

Balayage Hair Extensions can work on a variety of hair lengths, textures, and shades, so there’s something to suit everyone, as the lighter shades frame the face it makes Balayage Hair a flattering look for everyone. Many of us are drawn towards a  Balayage transformation, because, not only does it look fabulous but the maintenance level is relatively low, allowing you to say goodbye to regular root colour touch up appointments.

With our Balayage Hair Extensions ranges, you can create a natural sun-kissed beachy look with maximum volume, added length and healthy lustrous Remy Human Hair for your clients.

We’ve all known and loved the ombre craze, but it’s more subtle partner, the Balayage, is set to be a trend that will not go away. Instead of a uniform fade, we have blended a mixture of ends, some are a little lighter or darker to add dimension to the overall effect. This works especially well when curling the client’s hair as it creates the effect of mega volume as the combination of shades comes to life.

The term Balayage means to sweep or paint. So unlike a highlighted look with distinct stripes achieved with foils or a cap, balayage techniques are applied mainly to the top layer and are applied freehand, in a sweeping motion creating a natural sun-kissed effect. Our balayage ranges are designed to allow for a more soft colour blend, replicating the freehand effect we all love.

Our Balayage ranges include the following sumptuous shades:
Brazilliant Balayage: T1b/5
Brondette Balayage: T2/5
Cookie Balayage: T4/27/10
Riviera Balayage: T10/24/22
Scandinavian Balayage: T18/22/60

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