Secret Halo™ Hair Extensions


Secret Halo™ hair extensions are made from luxury remy human hair and are available in three lengths.

Halo Hair Extensions 12"


Below shoulder, chic and volumising.
120 grams

From £129.99

Halo Hair Extensions 16 Inch


Definite length and volume.
150 grams

From £159.99

Halo Hair Extensions 20 Inch


Full length locks for maximum impact.
180 grams

From £199.99

How to Fit Halo Hair Extensions

How to Wear Halo Hair Extensions

Halo Hair Extensions
Frequently Asked Questions

Halo Hair Extensions are an amazing way to have long Hair in an instant. Halos give the same effect as wearing a weft/weave without the fitting cost. Halos do not require braids, glue, rings or clips for fitting. Halo are easily removed without assistance.

The Halo Hair Weft has an invisible Secret Wire (R) attached to each end. Once sized, this is like wearing an invisible hair band. The weft sits below the ridge at the back of your head to stay in place. Additionally, the weight of your own Hair – even fine Hair – will keep the Halo Hair securely in position!

Halo Hair Extensions take about a minute to fit. You clip your Hair up, pull the Halo down, as if pulling on a hat, and then unclip your Hair, allowing it to fall over the wire. Halo fitting really is that simple.

The Halo comes in one width. Secret Halo Hair Extension wefts are wider than others on the market so that they hand perfectly around your face. Cheaper narrower alternatives will simply sit behind your ears and look obvious. Secret Halo Hair Extensions give you volume on the sides which helps make your Hair look even longer and aids blending of your own Hair

The special wiring technique on Secret Halo Hair Extensions will allow you to custom fit your Secret Wire (R) to be the perfect fit for YOU! As you pull the Secret Wire ® to obtain a secure fit, it will not slip back and holds the exact size you need until you tie it off to permanently keep the fit.

If fitted correctly, you should barely be able to get your index finger between the Halo weft and your head. If you can’t… your Halo is too tight! If you can get two fingers between your Halo weft and your head… your Halo is too loose.

Once sized correctly, simply pull the Halo over the crown of your head and drop your own Hair over the Secret Wire. You then comb your own Hair gently at the front so the wire is completely hidden.

When sized correctly, your Halo Hair Extensions will sit snuggly under the occipital bone and feel secure. You can move your head vigorously, and the Halo will still stay in place. Our unique design includes removable clips in case you feel a little nervous at first.

The Secret Wire ® on your Halo Extensions is made of clear nylon. The colour of your own Hair will show through the wire to make it less visible. Your own Hair is combed over the Secret Wire so that it is completely hidden.

No! Halo Hair Extensions are very safe. Halo Hair extensions will not damage your own Hair as they are supported by the Secret Wire ®. Halos cause no stress or pulling on your own Hair.

All Lengths of Hair are suitable for a Halo. Halo hair Extensions work best with shoulder length hair or Hair with a long top layer.

Halo Hair Extensions work best on Hair that is around shoulder length. A longer layer on top disguises the Halo’s Secret Wire. More weight in the back keeps the Halo in place. If you have short blunt cut, you may prefer to wave or curl your Hair so that it blends in with the Halo.

Excellent results can be achieved with Halo Hair extensions in Long Hair. The addition of a Halo creates instant volume. You can even trim the Halo Hair Extensions to be the same length as your own Hair for a thick healthy looking end. Having long layers on top also helps make the Secret Wire invisible!

Halo Hair Extensions are great for adding volume to fine hair. Unlike a permanent weave, Halo Hair Extensions will not cause stress to your own hair, like a track could, with a permanent weft. As long as your own Hair has some long layers on top, even fine Hair can cover the thin wire!

Halos can be worn in thick Hair, to add a slice of colour for some great effects. They also curl really well and will help hold your style when curled. However, if worn for length, check that the Halo’s weight will be enough to blend with your own Hair. Avoid using Halo Hair Extensions for length if you have very thick blunt cut Hair.

Halos do not rely on clips to hold them in place. The Secret Wire will not slip out of greasy hair like clip ins might. However, if your Hair is prone to being greasy, make sure that you shampoo before wearing your Halo so that Hair does not part on the top which might show the wire. You might also find that colour coordinated dry shampoo is great to disguise this!

It is not advised to wear your Halo for bed. As you move around in your sleep the Hair will rub and will take more brushing.

Halo Hair Extensions do not rely on clips to keep them in place. Halo hair is supported across the width of head by the Secret Wire ®. Weight is distributed evenly. Clip In Hair Extensions usually come in several smaller pieces. Clip Ins are worn at various points around the head and rely on smaller sections of your own Hair to support each piece. They are added one section at a time.

  • Halo Hair Extensions are quicker to fit than several small pieces
  • Halo Hair Extensions do not need to be clipped in the same position each time
  • Halos will not slide on fine hair
  • Halo Hair can be fitted in one voluminous weft for maximum thickness at the ends
  • Halos can be easier to hide than several clips
  • Halo Extensions are especially good for fine and medium weight hair
  • Halos are great for filling frazzled or thinning sides to your hair

The Disadvantage of Halo Hair Extensions is

  • Halos work best on hair that is not super blunt
  • Halos come in a single piece rather than small pieces

Halo Hair Extensions give the same effect as a hair weave. Halo Hair Extensions do not require a braid or track, to be able to be fitted.

  • The Halo is fitted in around a minute
  • The Halo is removed in a second
  • A Halo requires no tight track to be braided in, so it is more comfortable
  • The Halo is less damaging than a weave
  • You can fit a Halo yourself without a stylist
  • A Halo is easier to wash and dry than a weave
  • The same volume and width of hair can be applied as fitting a weave

Disadvantages of Halo Hair Extensions Versus a Weave are

  • The Halo does not stay in permanently
  • The Halo should not be worn for bed

As long as your own Hair is the same colour as your Halo Hair, it should blend. It will be easier to blend long layered styles with a Halo than a short choppy blunt style. Lay your own Hair over the Halo (without removing the security ties) to see the effect first. Check the colour of your ends also.

Halo Hair Extensions work best with Half Up, Half Down styles. Some of your own Hair always needs to be worn over the Halo to hide it and weigh it down. You can adapt styles that will help keep the Halo in place, like FishTail Braids, Rear Roll Ups and so on.

You can wear a ponytail style with a Halo Hair Extension if you wear it low slung at the back. A high Pony is more likely to slide the Halo upwards. Pull the Halo to the nape of your neck and use a silk scrunchie to hold your ponytail in place. This should hold the Halo in place also. Add a few bobbie pins for added security

You may find it is quite warm to wear your Halo in the gym. We recommend that you do NOT. Never wear any hair loose in the gym as this can be dangerous.

We do not recommend that any of our hair extensions are worn for swimming. This is dangerous. In addition Halo Hair will be affected by pool and sea water.

Halo Hair Extensions can be a great addition to your vacation wardrobe. They are easy to pack and can be worn in the evenings for some instant glam. The benefits of wearing Halo Hair extensions on holiday is that they can be left in your room when sunbathing and swimming to avoid any sun, sea or water damage. Leaving your Halo indoors also lowers the risk of discolouration caused by sun creams and local water.

Secret Halo Hair Extensions straighten really well. We recommend a low heat only, as the application of excessive heat will shorten their lifespan.
Always use our Elixir Spray to feed the Hair and act as a heat protector.

Secret Halo Hair Extensions can be curled successfully and re straightened as required. Always use Secret hair Extensions Elixir to feed and protect the Halo hair. Customers love to use our Halo hair for events and weddings as they hold a curl particularly well.

  • If you have short layers or Hair above your shoulder, a 12 inch Secret Halo will look great. You will be surprised at how long it will look as the Halo is worn low near the nape
  • If you’d like your Halo to be bust length, then go for the 16inch Halo. This will look longer than you think. The ends of the Halo Hair should reach the bottom edge of your bra or thereabouts!
  • The longest Secret Halo is 20 inches. This will reach below your bust somewhere between your waist and the bottom of your bra
  • If you are shorter than 5ft 2 inches avoid the longer length. 12 or 16 inch Halo Hair Extensions will look more natural on petite customers.

The weight of Halo Hair Extensions, will equate to a full pack of clip in extensions. A Halo will be a similar weight to a whole weave/weft fitting.

  • A 12″ Secret Halo ® weighs 140g
  • A 16″ Secret Halo ® weighs 150g
  • A 20″ Secret Halo ® weighs 180g

You need to match the Halo to the ends of your hair. Do not match to the root of your hair. Colour match in natural light. Wait a couple of weeks after colouring

Can Secret Hair help Colour Match my Halo?
Of course! Send us a picture of the front and back of your hair. Take this in daylight outside. Do not use a filter.

Of course! It’s a no risk purchase. As long as you do not remove the securing hygiene bands we will accept returns for exchange or refund, no quibbles. Once opened we can not take the Halo back into stock. Keep it clean and resalable please.

Yes! Your Halo Hair Extension wire is super strong and can hold the weight of a brick! We haven’t seen one snap under pressure yet. The wire can melt if you put straighteners on it! If you cut or tie it incorrectly, we will also replace it. There’s no risk!

  • Halo Hair Extensions are cheaper
  • Halo Hair Extensions can be fitted by you
  • Halo Hair Extensions do not need to be fitted in a salon
  • Halo Hair Extensions take a minute to fit
  • Micro Ring Extensions can take hours to fit
  • Halo Hair Extensions can be removed in a second
  • Halo Hair can be removed for bed
  • Halo Hair Extensions can be removed for sunbathing, swimming or the gym
  • Halo Hair Extensions can be styled before fitting

Disadvantages of Halo hair Extensions versus Micro Rings

  • They are removed each night
  • They are not permanent
  • They are not suitable for super thick hair
  • Halo Hair Extensions are easy to look after
  • Treat them with the respect you’d show your own hair
  • Avoid heat where possible
  • Always use Secret Hair Elixir to feed and protect against heat
  • Brush them twice a day
  • Brush your Halo Hair Extensions when you remove them
  • Store the Halo in the silk bag it came in
  • Only shampoo them when there is a build up of product
  • Aways use Secret Hair Extensions sulphate free shampoo and conditioner
  • Gently massage shampoo through the lengths of your Secret Halo
  • Do not rub the Halo like a pair of socks… be gentle!
  • Always keep the Halo Hair laying in one direction
  • Run your fingers through the Halo while it has conditioner on it to ensure strands are free flowing. Avoid a comb
  • Rinse thoroughly allowing the water to flow through the hair

Leave the Halo to dry flat or hang on an extensions hanger. If someone can hold the Halo for you blow dry gently round a hairbrush to smooth out the cuticle of the hair.

  • Halo Hair extensions should last around a year
  • This depends on how often you wear your Halo
  • This depends on how well you look after your Halo!

Our Secret Halo is made from the finest Remy Human hair. This means that it will not tangle.

Remy Human Hair is superior to non remy as all hairs lie in the same direction. When the hair is collected it is cut in single ponytails to ensure that the cuticles are all facing the same direction. This means that it will not snag and tangle. This ensures that your Halo will not tangle.

As your Secret Halo is made from 100% remy human hair, it is possible to dye it a shade darker. However, if you dye it, this is at your own risk as we cannot guarantee results.. We suggest you take this to a reputable stylist for colouring. We do not recommend bleaching.

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