What are Balayage Hair Extensions?

Balayage Hair Extensions refer to extensions that fuse multiple shades to create a soft mix of natural looking highlights and lowlights.

With a rooted shade that melts softly into lighter mixed shades below, they create gorgeous natural blend that uses your root shade to your advantage.

Why Is Balayage Hair So Popular?

The answer is simple. It is extremely low maintenance!

Never before has it been so easy to achieve an on-trend look with such little effort. For those of us who believe we were born to be blonde but never had the nerve to commit to a drastic colour change, this look provides the option to have that lighter sun kissed look while still being able to have our natural shade framing our face.

For those of us who want to go lighter but know that in no time at all, re-growth and roots will be visible, Balayage tresses are the perfect alternative. You will also have less need for salon appointments and colour treatments making maintaining the condition of your easier and safer.

Balayage Hair Extensions

What Is The Difference Between Ombre & Balayage

The difference between these techniques is the amount of blending between shades. A balayage look will see a gradual change in tones that is much more subtle. Whereas Ombre looks will have a more horizontal placement, whereas balayage is designed to look like the lighter tones are sweeping through the hair like highlights and lowlights. Both are extremely popular and low maintenance.

Does My Hair Need To Dyed To Have Balayage Hair Extensions?

Ombre Hair Extensions are a great way to experiment with colours! They can completely change the look of your hair without the commitment or having to turn to chemicals and colouring your own hair. Many of our clients like to have a BBalayage set and a block colour set so they can change up their look throughout the week. As long as your hair matches the root of the extensions you should be able to achieve a gorgeous blend!

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