Micro Ring Hair Extensions – Oak and Ash


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  • Luxury Virgin Hair, Cuticle Intact
  • Pro Salon Grade. Tiny Flexi Tip
  • Cuticle Aligned. Will Not Tangle
  • Double Drawn
  • 25 strands per pack

Micro Ring Hair Extensions with Tiny Flexible Keratin Tip

Micro ring hair extensions are bonded with our specially developed keratin polymer. This polymer allows us to compact the bond into a much smaller stick tip for micro ring hair extensions application. Our unique formula means the i-tip bond is more flexible, so it can be used for repeat salon professional applications. Our miicro ring hair extensions will not break down, flatten or shed after application. Micro ring hair extensions continue to be the most popular hair extensions method as they are easier to maintain. We offer a full range of micro rings for fitting our stick tips on our Tools and Accessories page.

Our Celebrity Secret Virgin Cuticle Hair

Secret Hair Extensions UK use superior processing technologies whereby premium quality human hair is slowly processed by hand, to ensure that the vital cuticle layer remains intact. All hairs lie parallel and in the same direction so that it will behave tangle free throughout its lifespan. Preserving this cuticle layer means that the natural shine and lustre will be maintained. Our stick tip hair is suitable for multiple salon re-applications. We offer a full range of hair extensions aftercare products to protect the hair’s natural vitality. Using gentle organic pigments we can process hair slowly to maintain its natural lustre and softness.

Double Drawn Micro Ring Hair Extensions

As with Secret Hair Extensions UK’s pre bonded hair extensions range, our Opulent Celebrity Secret micro ring hair extensions are made from double drawn hair which is hand processed to ensure that all of the hairs are the same length. This results in thicker, fuller hair throughout the entire length of each hair extension. Our virgin Remy hair is hand selected and processed whereby all shorter hair lengths are removed by our specialist technicians before being bonded into stick tip extensions. This means that we can bring you uniform hair that looks thick and healthy, without tapering ends that need to be removed.

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