Human Hair Extensions Conditioner


  • Hair Extensions Conditioner
  • Locks in Moisture
  • Prolongs the Life of Your Extensions
  • Great for Your Own Hair
  • Smells Amazing!
  • Must be used to validate product guarantee
  • Max 3 aftercare items/sprays per order due to weight
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Human Hair Extensions Conditioner

Human Hair Extensions Conditioner¬†s designed to hydrate the extension hair which by nature is porous. Once this moisture has been added it is essential to seal the moisture in to human hair extensions. The molecular formulation of our specialist hair extensions conditioner includes large molecules which cannot be absorbed by the hair, so they form a seal around the hair. This coat not only traps in moisture, but it gives a shine and lustre to the hair. Not only does this conditioner add lsuret and shine to human hair extensions, it’s fabulous for use on your own hair. Did we mention it smells amazing too?

We require customers to order Secret Hair Extensions UK range of Human Hair Extensions Shampoo and Human Hair Extensions Conditioner at the same time that they purchase extension hair so that we can be confident that a suitable aftercare regime is being followed. Our human hair extensions conditioner will prolong the life of your hair extensions and ensure performance of the extension hair.

Maximum of 3 hair care items / sprays can be shipped in total on standard postage.

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