bridal hair extensions
bridal hair extensions

Hair Extensions For Bridal Hair

We have all been there, searching Google and Pinterest for ‘wedding hair inspo,’ saving image after image of gorgeous bridal hair. However, sometimes there is that looming thought; do I have enough hair for that look? 

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, our hair won’t grow as long or as thick as we would like – this is where hair extensions come to the rescue! With so many lengths and methods available, there will be the perfect method for your bridal hair. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about hair extensions before your big day.

How Can Hair Extensions Help A Bridal Hairstyle?

Bridal hairstyles are often intricate, voluminous masterpieces. Whether you are looking for boho waves or an elegant, sweeping updo – fine, short hair shouldn’t compromise your choice of wedding hair. Your stylist will agree that adding hair extensions will allow you a wider choice and help create that walking down the aisle do. They add volume and length, meaning any hairstyle is possible!

We will explain each potential method of hair extensions and which hairstyles are most suited. 

Clip In Hair Extensions

Our clip in hair extensions made using french lace use wefts of Remy human hair, meaning they are supple and mimic the movement of your natural hair.  

Clip In Extensions are one of the most popular methods for brides and bridesmaids. Designed to add thickness and length instantly, they are easy to apply and style. They are a temporary style so perfect for a one-off occasion; however, you must remove them at the end of the day – so make sure you ask your stylist how to do this. 

This method’s benefit is that they are placed only where you need them; for instance, if you were wearing a low bun, put the wefts at the head’s base to achieve the majority of thickness in this area. Meaning you don’t always need to wear a full head or set of extensions. 

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Also known as Stick Tip Extensions, fitted extensions are another excellent choice for brides-to-be! They are a ‘permanent’ method of hair extensions meaning they don’t have to be applied and removed every day. Instead, once fitted will only need moving up in maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks. Once applied, they are worn, styled, and washed with your hair – you will forget it isn’t your natural hair after a few days!

They are applied by slotting an extension into a small copper tube and clamping it flat to attach it to your hair.

The benefit of using a fitted method is you can combine more shades to create a natural blend – the stylist can match each highlight or lowlight in your hair. 

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape extensions are an excellent method for adding texture and length, particularly for individuals with fine, thin hair. Once applied, these extensions are designed to mimic the appearance of hair roots. They are quick to apply while still achieving maximum results. They are fitted by sandwiching two tape pieces together – meaning you will need fewer pieces overall but will still achieve the same thickness as a whole head of clip in or micro ring hair extensions. 

These extensions are discreet and easy to tie up, perfect for an updo or half-up, half-down style hairdo.

Which extensions are best for you is entirely dependent on your chosen hairstyle. We recommend always consulting your stylist first or contact a member of our customer service team who will be happy to advise you. 

Personal preference is also a huge factor if you have a sensitive scalp – a method such as tape hair extensions may be more easily manageable. Or if you only want the extensions for the day, Clip In Hair Extensions may be a better investment as you can remove them that night and save them for another special occasion. 

Fitted hair extensions are an investment and will therefore need regular maintenance appointments and a thorough aftercare routine. This is something to think about if you are not used to styling your hair regularly.

If you have chosen a fitted method, we recommend having your hair extensions fitted 1-2 weeks before the big day. This allows you to wash the hair, let them settle, and will enable the stylist to see if any need to be adjusted or moved beforehand. 

For help with a colour match or finding a reputable stylist, please contact us.

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