How To Remove Tape Hair Extensions At Home

We wouldn’t normally advise you to remove your Tape IN Hair Extensions at home, Lockdown has completely altered our hair regime and appointments can no longer be kept, no matter how much we love our technician! Whilst we hope the current Covid-19 Lockdown will end soon and life goes back to normal, we understand that clients may wish to remove their extensions to prevent them from looking unsightly and grown down.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to remove tape in hair extensions at home until you can have your professional extension technician refir them for you.

To safely remove your Tape Hair Extensions at home, you will need the following tools; a pin tail comb, Tape Remover Spray, 1-2 Hair Clips to pin back excess hair and a gown or towel to protect your clothing

DIY Tape In Hair Removal At Home

Start by sectioning out your hair into the back section and sides. We always recommend starting with the nape, the area at the bottom of the back of the head first. The split and section the bottom row of Tape Extensions, it is always best to remove extensions row by row. Pin the remaining hair out of the way so you can see clearly where each tape in hair extension is.

DIY tape in hair removal at home

Once you have your first row, begin by spraying each tape tab. You can be quite generous with the amount of Tape In Bond Remover Spray you use. This spray is a specially formulated solution specifically for our tape in hair that lubricates the adhesive tape tab and causes it to detach from your hair. Gently massage the solution in between the tape tabs until you feel the tab fall away from the hair.

DIY tape in hair removal at home

The top tab of the tape sandwich should fall away first, it may be necessary to spray the remaining tab with more spray at this point to loosen it from the hair.  If necessary, put the tail of the comb into the top of the tape tab and prize the tapes apart to allow a little more space to spray between the tabs.

DIY tape in hair removal at home

When both sides of the tape sandwich have been removed, you may notice remaining tape residue and clusters of hair caught where the tapes had been lying. This is completely normal. We naturally lose around 150 strands of hair per day. When wearing extensions this hair cannot fall away (down the plughole or in your hairbrush). Therefore it is important to comb this away during a maintenance/removal appointment to avoid tangling.

Diy tape in hair removal at home

At this stage, you will need to spray your own hair with the removal solution in order to slide the excess tape out of the hair. Prise the hair cluster apart with your fingers or the tail end of your comb. Once the hair is separated, you can gently comb through your hair in order to remove the excess.

DIY tape in Hair Removal at Home

PLEASE NOTE – If you are struggling to prise apart and comb your hair, keep applying the solution. You may also want to soak your hair with our Hair Masque to moisturise your hair and make it easier to comb the residual tape away.

If you are planning to reapply your hair, we recommend securing all the hair together with a hair bobble. Shampoo and Condition thoroughly, before drying and leaving straight in a safe place.

For further advice please follow our removal video ‘How To Safely Remove Tape Hair Extensions’ on Youtube.

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