How To Apply Secret Halo Hair Extensions

Secret Halo Hair Extensions- How To

Secret Halo Hair Extensions are one of our most popular products EVER! Designed for new and experienced Hair Extensions lovers, they are easily adaptable to every hairstyle! If you are wondering how to apply for Secret Halo Hair Extensions, then look no further!

What Are Secret Halo Hair Extensions?

Secret Halo Hair Extensions are a super easy, one-step method for wearing hair extensions. Quick to apply whilst still achieving the same thick, long, voluminous hair as more conventional fitted methods. They are worn on top of the head, secured in place by an invsi wire – a think clear band which keeps the hair place instead. The lack of clips, rings and sewing makes them comfortable and easy to apply for everyday use.

Who Are They Suitable For?

Halo Extensions are perfect for all extensions wearers, in particular those new to hair extensions. For the best results, we recommend your hair is at least shoulder length with enough density to successfully cover and blend with the hair extensions.

 How To Apply Secret Halo Hair Extensions?

Step 1 – Thoroughly Brush Your Hair

Make sure both your hair and the Secret Hair Halo Hair Extensions are brushed and completely tangle-free. We recommend using a Tangle Teeze style brush on all hair extensions.

Step 2 – Section Your Hair

Section off the hair you will use to cover the Secret Halo Hair piece, we always use a clip or tie the hair in a bun.

Step 3 – Apply The Halo Hair Piece

Position the halo on your head below the sectioned off hair; the hair piece should sit comfortably above your ears and below the Occipital Bone (the back of the skull).

Tighten the wire by pulling on the excess wire, you do not want to make your halo too tight. Make sure it feels comfortable but you can still fit two fingers between the halo and the back of your head – this will ensure you will still be able to remove and re-wear the halo. If you make your halo too tight – once you have removed it, it will be difficult to place it once you come to the next wear.

Step 4 – Let Down Your Hair Rapunzel!

Take down your bun, or remove the clip securing your hair. Use a pin tail comb or your tangle teeze to brush your hair over the hair piece. If you have any looping hair, simply pull it gently over the halo hair extensions. Your hair will not be transformed and ready to style!

halo hair extensions
Next, place the halo on the head and size up accordingly.
halo hair extensions
Our model has brushed her hair and sectioned off with a clip.
halo hair extensions
Make sure the halo hair extensions sits comfortably above the ears. Then let your hair down over the hair piece.
halo hair extensions
Use a pintail comb or a brush to smooth your hair over the hair extensions creating a gorgeous blend.
secret halo hair extensions
Any looped hair, gently tease over the extensions. Make sure the hair feels smoothed down all over.
secret hair halo extensions
Your hair is no ready to wear and style, enjoy!
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