Synthetic and human hair extensions are both useful for creating length, volume and transforming a hairstyle into something new. However, which type of hair to choose can vary depending on the desired result and duration of wear.

What are Human Hair Extensions?

This type of hair refers to hair that has been sourced directly from human heads and not mixed with synthetic hair strands in any form. This hair lasts longer than synthetic pieces as a full aftercare routine can be followed (washing, hair treatments, restyling etc.)  Once fitted, this hair will move and blend to look like the client’s natural hair.

Why are there different types of Human Hair Extensions?

There are various types and grades of human hair available. These differences are down to where the hair is sourced; different areas will have different quality hair types meaning some will last longer with regular styling better than others. The most common hair types available are -Russian, Indian, Chinese, Mongolian and Slavic.

At Secret Hair UK, we use Russian, Mongolian and Slavic hair, areas renowned for hair of superior quality and strength. We work to ensure our hair is ethically sourced and processed gently to maintain it’s lustre and provide longer wear.

Why should I choose Human Hair Extensions?

This type of extension is perfect for those looking to invest in hair that will last them for some time. Human hair can come into contact with water and styling products without the risk of changing the structure of the hair (unlike synthetic pieces).

The Remy human hair extensions used at Secret Hair UK is designed to remain tangle free and smooth allowing customers to style and brush their hair with ease repeatedly.

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