Halo hair extensions are a fabulously simple temporary form of hair extensions. The hair extensions industry is constantly in search for new, safe methods of extensions. Halo extensions are one of these developments. At Secret Hair, we’ve created our version of halo hair extensions and developed ‘The Secret‘ to contain thicker, more luxurious hair from top to bottom than other halo systems on the market. We also undercut any leading brand and exceed their quality. GUARANTEED!

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What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Several wefts are sewn together to create a thick, quadruple weft which is then worn like a head band using our ‘Secret Wire’.  This invisible wire is a pliable, adjustable transparent wire that will hold the hair in place comfortably. Your hair is then worn over the ‘The Secret Halo Hair Extensions’ to create a natural looking result.  Some people call this system hair on a wire hair extensions

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Are Secret’ Halo Extensions Safe To Wear?

A halo hair extension is one of the safest methods of hair enhancement available on the market today. This system uses no heat, glue or clips meaning no damage or pulling on your hair. Making it an excellent choice for those with fine or damaged hair that doesn’t seem to grow.  Who doesn’t love damage free hair extensions that you can fit in a minute?!

Will My Hair Grow Using ‘Secret Halo Hair Extensions’?

If you have been wearing Clip In or Pre bonded hair Extensions for some time; customers often notice an improvement in hair growth after switching to ‘The Secret Halo.’ This method gives your hair a break without losing that coveted length.

Will ‘The Secret Halo Hair Extensions’ fall out?

The thought of your hair falling out is a worry to those who have never worn this type of extension before, but the answer is no! The wire is measured to be snug enough to sit securely on your head and stay in place, so you can still dance the night away!  As it is worn below the occipital bone, and then has the weight of your  natural hair worn over the top, it will stay in place.

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Can I tie my hair up while wearing ‘The Secret Halo Hair Extensions’?

Due to the quadruple weft nature of these hair extensions, they are therefore harder to tie up if wanting to tie your hair up; it is best to the the hair back and down for lower hairdos rather than in high hairstyles such as topknots. They are hard to tie up because the sides of the weft can jut out and become visible. Wearing your hair low will avoid this issue.

Can ‘Secret Halo Hair Extensions’ Be Washed?flip in hair extensions

‘The Secret’ is made from 100% Russian-Mongolian double drawn hair. The luxurious hair used in all of our hair extensions can be washed like your hair. Just remove, rinse under running lukewarm water then smooth shampoo from the top to the tips then rinse clean. Repeat the process with conditioner. Use a nourishing, moisturising shampoo and conditioner to keep your extensions in their best condition.


Can I Use Heat On ‘The Secret Halo Hair Extensions’?

These extensions are made from 100% human hair; they can be styled with heat. However, just like your hair; a low heat setting and heat protection spray should be used to avoid damage.

If you have any further questions about these revolutionary hair extensions, please feel free to contact with a member of our team who would be happy to assist you.


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