The older you get, knowing what to ask for from Santa can often be difficult. You’re too old for Barbie but asking for money means you miss out on the Christmas unwrapping. Well, why not ask for Hair Extensions for Christmas? A new look and a boost of confidence to carry you into the new year and beyond.

Hair Extensions For Christmas

Hair Extensions are a great idea for gifts over the festive period. Who doesn’t like to feel glamorous and confident as they walk into their Christmas and New Years Eve parties?

You’ve bought the sparkly dress, you’ve painted your nails in the bright, sparkly nail colors that you can only get away with at this time of year but what about your hair?

There are several options for Christmas gifts, from fitted to clip in hair extensions, we’ve got you covered.

Clip In Hair Extensions hair-extensions-for-christmas

These extensions are perfect for those who want a quick fix. Want to add a little Va Va Voom to impress that sexy co-worker at the office party? Then these extensions are an excellent choice for you.

Added length and volume means you can create the perfect soft curls or go long and straight any time you like, just make sure to remove the clips before bed or showering.

Our Clip In Hair extensions come with a custom pink tube and silky, soft bag for safe keeping meaning your hair is perfectly gift wrapped for Christmas day.

hair-extensions-for Christmas

Festive Secret Halo in Hair Extensions

For those of you who are new to hair extensions or who find it difficult to style their hair, this is a great starting point for you.

Secret Halo Hair Extensions is the quickest method of hair extensions to place in and remove from your hair. The absence of clips or bonds makes them a good choice of hair extensions for Alopecia sufferers or those with fragile hair prone to breakage.

Simply wear and remove when required, a bonus of this method is that they can be styles out of the hair, then worn – meaning you can curl your hair the night before if you’re in a rush!

Again, these extensions come in our custom pink tube and silk bag. A gorgeous looking present for under the tree.

Fitted Hair Extensions

Fitted extensions are the most popular form of hair enhancement; this includes; Micro Ring, Nano Ring, Fusion Bonds and Weft extensions.

They are an excellent investment for those who want hair extensions with no daily removal. The extensions are attached to your hair in individual strands creating length, volume, and texture.

If you want to create a bouffant or extravagant updo to match that New Years Eve dress, then fitted extensions are the best option for you.

We have gift cards available to wrap for Christmas day, so you can still surprise your loved ones and friends with a new mane of gorgeous hair.


A set of extensions bought for Christmas will take their wearer through Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and more. They really are the gift that keeps on giving!hair extensions for christmas

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