Can you use heated styling tools on human hair extensions is one of the most commonly asked questions surrounding hair extensions.  Whether or not hair extensions can be styled like your own hair can be a concern for those new to the hair extension industry.

Can You Use Heated Styling Tools On Human Hair Extensions?

Ultimately, the answer to this question is Yes. As long as a few simple rules are followed.

Always Choose Human Hair Extensions.

The luxury of human hair extensions is that they can be styled like your own natural hair; this means they can be washed and styled with styling tools and products. However, just like your own natural hair a Heat Protector Spray/Serum and a low heat setting should be used.

Synthetic or Blend Hair Extensions can sometimes withstand heat, however, the majority of the time they will melt or become damaged if used with heat.

human hair extensions heated with styling tools

What Type Of Styling Tools Can Be Used With Human Hair Extensions?

Hairdryers – These tools are great for keeping the hair cuticle flat and your hair extensions feeling smooth. For best results and hair longevity, ensure a low or cool setting is used. It is essential to use a cool heat setting on pre-bonded/fusion hair extensions. This is to safeguard the keratin bonds from melting due to the increased temperature (although this will not affect the hair itself). Dry the hair by pointing the hair dryer nozzle down and work from the roots down to the ends. This way your hair will blow-dry straight.

Straighteners – Most of us use straighteners every day, they’re great for straightening and curling! Therefore it is important to invest in straighteners with multiple heat settings, so you can adjust the setting depending on how much heat your hair requires. If you have already blow dried your hair straight; then opt for a lower heat setting to keep your hair smooth and styled. If your hair has been curled, or you have left your hair to air dry; a slightly higher setting may be required to speed up the straightening process. Finish with a little argan oil to create a smooth and shiny finish.

Curling Tongs/Wands/Heated Rollers – Curling your hair when wearing hair extensions can differ slightly from styling your own hair. Due to the added thickness that human hair extensions create it will take longer to curl. Therefore a little trial, error and hairspray may be required in order to see how long you will need to leave your hair around the tong/wand in order to create those beautiful curls. This applies to heated rollers also, leave them in the hair a little longer to ensure that big bouncy look is achieved.

Always Use Heat Protection On Human Hair Extensions.

Whenever using any heated styling tool on hair extensions or your own hair, always use a heat protection spray, oil or hair serum.  Using these products will make your hair extensions last as long as possible by preventing the adverse effect of heat.

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