It’s amazing how quickly prom season comes around, yet it’s almost here already! We love prom, who doesn’t? Any excuse to wear a long dress right? Whilst the dress is important…you need the hair to be your crowning glory. We’re here to show some perfect prom hairstyles which will work perfectly with hair extensions.

perfect prom hairstyles

The crown braid is one of my favourite hairstyles. It works on both long and short hair and is brilliant for disguising fine hair. This is the perfect hairstyle for those with a detailed dress as wearing your hair up will let everyone see how beautiful your gown is! This hairstyle is also very versatile as it can be worn neat or slightly messy for a more bo-ho effect. The best type of hair extensions for this style are fitted extensions (preferably Micro Rings, Nano Rings or Fusion); this is because they have better movement and you wont need to try and disguise a weft like with clip in extensions or tape hair.

perfect prom hairstylesAnother way to wear a crown braid is to wear it with your hair loose behind/underneath. Cant decide whether to wear your hair up or down?…then why not wear both! This is a great way to frame your face as it allows you to wear your hair loose and long but the braid creates a more formal look. This hairstyle looks so simple yet classy to me. This style is great on all types of extensions which is an added bonus, from clip ins to fitted this style will suit all hair types.

perfect prom hairstyles

The Half Up hairstyle is a classic for prom, it’s classy but allows you have a little bit of va-va voom with loose curls at the bottom. Pin the top section up completely or leave your fringe/bangs loose. This is how one of our staff wore her hair for prom as she wanted something that wouldn’t look too formal when she changed for the prom after party! Again this style is perfect for all extension types!

perfect prom hairstyles

We love messy up-do’s, I think they’re perfect for prom; they’re more modern and fun than perfectly slicked back formal hair! We like to pull some strands of hair around my face when wearing my hair up anyway, doing so frames your face and gives you that ‘I only spent 5 minutes on my hair’ look when really you were messing that hair up to perfection! This look is so versatile that it makes it great for all extension types. It can be worn high up on your head or lower down for a more formal look.

These are just a few of our favourite perfect prom hairstyles for hair extensions.  We cant wait to see what some of you choose and always look forward to seeing customers and clients looking so glam!

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