Want to know how to store hair extensions?  Whether you wear clip in hair extensions, secret halo extensions, or human hair ponytails Secret Hair Extensions UK have the answer. It is essential you learn how to store hair extensions correctly. Storage is one of the easiest and most effective methods to increase the longevity of your hair. Extensions are an investment and we’re sure you want to make them last as long as possible! Storing incorrectly can lead to damage and discolouring if left in direct sunlight and can leave you with a lot of brushing to do!

store hair extensions

Wash & De-tangle Your Hair Extensions

Before you put your human hair extensions away you want to ensure they are clean and free from tangles. You will need to avoid leaving in any products that may damage, dry or even discolour your extensions. This means you will have to brush out any product left in the hair, if you are putting hair extensions away for some time – make sure to wash the hair before doing so.

We recommend using our specialist hair extensions shampoo and hair extensions conditioner that is designed to not only add moisture to your hair, but to also seal it in. This will nourish your hair effectively. After washing – ensure the hair is thoroughly dry before putting it away. Storing wet hair can lead to damage and even mildew! Just like with wet clothes, you don’t want to put them away whilst damp.

It is also important to ensure all clips are closed before putting away.

 store hair extensions

Where to store hair extensions

When choosing somewhere to store hair extensions, you want to ensure your container is dry with enough room, so that your extensions don’t have to be rolled. Every set of Secret Hair Extensions UK hair comes in a silk storage sleeve and a safe storage tube. Our storage has been specially designed to correctly store and promote the longevity of you hair.

The silk bag gives you a soft, silky cover in which to store your hair that will not rub or catch and in turn cause tangles. The bag can then be inserted into the tube which provides a dry, sturdy enclosure which makes it perfect for transporting your hair! They’re so easy to pack in suitcase or travel bag before a holiday!

 store hair extenion

Now your human hair extensions have been properly stored, the next time you need them – they will be clean, tangle free and ready for styling!

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