Secret Halo Hair Extensions the Pros and Cons
Secret Halo Hair Extensions the Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons Of Secret Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions are a fabulously simple and temporary form of hair extensions. They allow the same effect as a weave/weft without the fitting costs and lengthy appointments. They are quickly becoming some of the most sought after extensions on the market. The Secret Halo Hair weft has an ‘invisible’ wire attached to both ends, creating a hairband. The piece is placed on the head with the weft sitting at the back of your head. The weight of your hair and the ‘snugness’ of the wire is what keeps the Secret Halo in place. 

The Advantages Of Secret Halo Hair Extensions

They take next to no time to fit; transform your hair in a minute! Get the results of a full head of fitted hair extensions without the cost or lengthy appointments—one of the fastest methods on the market.

They are simple to apply. The easiest way to fit your Secret Halo is by clipping your hair up on the top of your head. Fit The hair like a headband, then unclip your hair and let it fall over the band. Voila! It is that quick and easy.

You can adjust and customize, so they are the perfect fit for your head. The wire is adjustable, meaning you can tighten and adjust according to the size of your head. Once you find the most comfortable fit, knot the wire and trim the excess. 

They are completely safe for your hair. These extensions contain no clips. no heat or chemicals to apply making them an extremely safe method of hair extensions. Perfect if you have fine or damaged hair.

They are removed at the end of each day. Meaning they are perfect for those wanting something for special occasions without the commitment of fitted extensions. 

As they are made of human hair, you can wash them and style them like your own hair. Style up or style down; you can be creative with your hair. 

If your hair is naturally quite oily and you struggle with other extension methods, that slip. Secret Halo Extensions are a great alternative as they rely solely on your hair’s weight, unlike other methods that require hair to grip to.

Disadvantages Of Secret Halo Hair Extensions

Unlike other extension methods, you cannot tie your hair up when wearing a Secret Halo hairpiece, which can be an issue for those who regularly tie their hair up.

They are best for individuals with shoulder-length hair. As the weft is worn around the head’s base, they may not blend with shorter hair cuts. If you are unsure of which method would be best for you, please get in touch.

We hope we have given you an insight into these great hair extensions! For help with a colour match or advise on which method will be best for your hair type. Please send us a message, and a member of our customer service team would be happy to help. 

Secret Halo Hair Extensions

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