Valentines Day is one of my favourite days of the year. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up and stuff their faces with heart-shaped food? Whether you’re having a date night with your significant other or spending the night splitting a bottle of wine with your best friend; Valentines Day gives you the excuse to be a tad more romantic with your hair.

Hair Ideas For Valentine’s Day

These looks all incorporate hair extensions. Whether you’re looking to add volume, thickness or length, hair extensions add a little bit of va va voom to any hairstyle. Here are our favourite hair ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Bouncy Blow Dry

The classic, big, voluminous looks for Valentines Day has to be a Big Bouncy Blow Dry. This style never seems to go out of fashion and compliments any outfit.
There are now blow dry bars across the entirety of the U.K that can give the perfect blow dry.
However, if you wanted to try and create this look at home, start by roughly drying your hair after washing until it is around 80-90% dry. Next, section your hair into manageable pieces, use a round, soft-bristled brush and prepare to wrap your hair from the ends up to the root. Place your hairdryer directly above the brush and pointing down towards the hair to keep the hair looking sleek. As you dry, keep twisting the brush so that the hair curls as your dry, make sure the hair is completely dry before removing the brush. Finish with hairspray to set the look.

Sleek And Straight

Equally as sexy, long, glossy, sleek hair is perfect for Valentines Day. It’s also a great look if you’re in a rush!
Simply straighten the hair from the roots the ends, ensuring you leave no kinks or curls. I like to finish my hair with a little of our Hair Extensions Elixir to keep the hair looking shiny and smooth Argan Oil Serum throughout the ends to smooth away any flyaway hairs. Finish with hairspray around the root area to set the look.

Romantic Curls

One of my all time, favourite¬†hair ideas for Valentine’s day hair looks, mostly because it’s so simple to create but looks flawless. Start by moving your parting to the side; I like to move mine quite far to the side to imitate that Jessica Rabbit look!
Then backcomb the larger section of hair, you want your fringe to look large and swooping so don’t be afraid to backcomb! Then using straighteners or a tong, curl your fringe away from the face. Next, loosely curl the ends of your hair, try to create big curls. Use a Tangle Tamer to brush the hair out leaving loose, bouncy waves. Finish the look with a little hairspray.

Take a look at our tutorial to find out more!

These looks are compatible with all methods of hair extensions, from Clip In Hair Extensions to Micro Ring Hair Extensions, we have you covered!

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