When it comes to hair extensions, there are so many business terms and hair jargon; it can be hard to make sense of it all! Particularly if you are new to the world of hair extensions.

Here we will look at ‘What are Micro Ring/ Stick Tip/I Tip hair extensions?’. To help you gain a deeper understanding of what this method involves, how to fit them as well as their benefits and disadvantages.

Micro Ring/ Stick Tip/ I Tip Hair Extensions
Micro Ring Hair Extensions are one of the most popular methods on the market.

What Are Micro Ring/ Stick Tip/ I Tip Hair Extensions?

A Micro Ring/ Stick Tip/ I Tip Hair Extensions is a fitting method that requires the clamping of a small copper ring/tube to keep an extension strand in place. This method is one of the safest and most popular on the market; as it requires no heat or glue, resulting in no damage to the natural hair.

How are Micro Ring/ Stick Tip/ I Tip Hair Extensions fitted?

This method is relatively straightforward to install. A small, square section of the client’s hair is used to pull through a pulling loop. This process allows the technician to slide the Micro Ring onto the section of hair. Once the ring is in place, the extension strand is inserted into the ring and then clamped flat.

The following items are required to fit Micro Ring Hair Extensions; all tools can be purchased via our website:

Micro Ring/ Stick Tip/ I Tip Hair Extensions
All equipment for fitting Micro Ring Hair Extensions are available via our website.

Stick Tip/I Tip/ Micro Ring Hair Extensions
Hair Extension Pliers
Sectioning clips
Micro Rings
Pulling Loop

What are Micro Loop Hair Extensions?

Micro Loop Hair Extensions are often confused with Stick Tip/ I Tip/ Micro Ring Hair Extensions. Despite both being secured by copper rings, they are an entirely different method of fitting. Micro Loop Hair Extensions refer to the loop fixture attached to each strand of hair extension. The fixture is used to thread the hair instead of a pulling loop. Both methods are safe for your hair. However, Micro Loop Hair Extensions are considered to be less professional by Hair Extensions Elite. The ease and speed of fitting lead to a less professional finish; the rings are already attached to the hair, meaning the colours cannot be customised to each client. This can be a problem if you are blonde with a dark root stretch! Micro Loop Hair Extensions are associated with those who are not professionally qualified or those still completing their training.

Micro Ring/ STcik Tip/ I Tip Hair Extensions
Micro Loop Hair Extensions differ from Micro Ring/ Stick Tip/ I Tip Hair Extensions.

Do I Need To Be Qualified To Fit Stick Tip/ I Tip/ Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

As with all fitted hair extensions, they should only be used by fully trained professionals. Without proper training, the knowledge of how to correctly apply, where to place and so on may not be adequately used.
Opting for an untrained technician is not safe for your and may not allow you to get the most out of your luxury hair extensions.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are considered one of the most comfortable and safest methods available on the market. They are suitable for almost every hair type! Some report a feeling of tenderness after their initial fitting. This is entirely normal and will subside after a few days. The weight of the extensions is a strange sensation for your scalp. Therefore it needs time to adjust. Try taking paracetamol and tying hair into a loose plait at night.

Secret Hair Extensions have two ranges of Micro Ring/ Stick Tip and I Tip Hair Extensions. Our Remy Range and our Luxury Celebrity Secret Range.

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