At Secret Hair Extensions, we pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our hair extensions. Hair Extensions have never been more popular, so we target our hair extensions to the most discerning hair extensions admirer.

What Makes Us The Best Clip In Hair Extensions?

We have an entire team dedicated to the sourcing, production, and supply of our exceptional hair extension ranges. We understand that you are looking for high-performing, long-lasting, super-luxurious Remy hair. Our wish is to exceed your expectations and provide you with the best Clip In Hair Extensions!

Our Clip In Hair Extensions

The purpose of Clip In Hair extensions is to add length, volume and thickness instantly. Our Clip In Hair Extensions will transform your look in seconds!

Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Each Clip In Hair Extensions set is Double Drawn, this means that the entire hair extension piece is the same thickness at the top, as it is at the bottom. Nobody wants their hair extensions to taper off and appear thin at the ends. Your hair will look thick from root to tip!

We use a delicate French lace to line the wefts of our Clip In Hair Extensions. An intricate lace helps to prevent shedding increasing the longevity of your hair. If you plan to wear your Clip Ins every day, then these are perfect for you!

Russian Mongolian Hair Extensions

We 100% Russian Mongolian hair, this is some of the most superior hair available on the market. The diet in these regions produces durable, shiny, soft hair which is perfect for long-lasting hair extensions.

Hair Extensions That Look after Your Hair

Our Extensions Clips are lined with a Silicone buffing strip, putting a small barrier between your hair and the metal clip. This barrier is crucial to us, as it protects your own hair as well as prevents the extensions from slipping throughout the day.
We believe hair extensions should be safe on your natural hair; this is just one way in which we strive to do so.

Luxury Packaging

the best clip in hair extensions
Here can see our luxury packaging and just some of our aftercare range.

All of our extensions come with bespoke luxury packaging. Our Clip In Hair Extensions come complete with a silk bag and Carry tube. Perfect for storing your hair extensions when not in use.

Aftercare For Hair Extensions

We have designed a full range of aftercare explicitly designed for hair extensions, including Secret Halo Hair Extensions and Clip In Hair Extensions. From Shampoo and Conditioner to Brushes and Heat Protecting Hair Elixir…we have everything! So there is no need to worry about how to care or wash your extensions.

We have an entire team dedicated to your hair extension needs, if you require any further assistance or would like a colour match, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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