Why January Is The Best Time To Purchase Hair Extensions

Purchasing a New Set of Hair Extensions is definitely an investment. Whether choosing to have a thick head of Micro Rings fitted, or buying a glossy new set of Clip In Hair Extensions; knowing when to buy them can be tricky.

We find that on average, most clients wear their hair extensions for around 6-8 months. Obviously, with excellent aftercare, this lifespan can be much longer, particularly with Clip In Hair Extensions which tend to last around a year.

You might not think so, but choosing when to invest and purchase hair extensions is quite significant!

When Is The Best Time To Purchase Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions can be purchased and fitted all year round. However, we have found that the best months to have your hair extensions fitted are January and July. Let us explain…

Why January?
We all enjoy some pampering when it’s cold outside and we need a little boost!

Firstly, January is often seen as one of the most miserable months of the year. Everyone is back at work after the Christmas break; we are all groggy after eating (and drinking) too much. The weather is miserable, and summer seems an endless amount of time away.
The New Year brings with it the urge to better ourselves; we want to get back to the gym and healthy eating. Start the year well, with a spot of pampering and something to kick start your confidence for the year ahead…with a new hairstyle! Hair Extensions don’t have to be super long, sometimes filling in the sides of your hair and adding some volume, or some ‘oomph’ to your ponytail really does change how you feel about yourself. I like to add a few strands of a different shade, or chose a different length each time January comes around, just for a change!

Secondly, if you invest in hair extensions in January, you will still be wearing the same hair for Valentines Day, Easter, Bank Holiday Weekend and through until Summer. That means perfect hair for every event as the weather starts to improve.

When Should I Get A New Set of Hair Extensions?

Around Summer, the time for a fresh set will once again appear. I usually wait until after my summer holiday for my next set as this means that I will have hair extensions for my holiday, but I also don’t have to be too cautious with them as I will be having a fresh set once I’m home!  This means I can make the most out of waterparks and the swimming pool!

I will then wear this next set of hair extensions throughout Autumn and Winter. We all get a little lazy with our hair over the festive period; if it isn’t curled for a party, it’s tucked into a scarf or messy bun. Therefore I like to freshen up my locks again and purchase hair extensions in the New Year!

Happy New Hair!

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