Whether you’re naturally blonde or you’ve spent hours in a salon chair to achieve those golden tresses, it’s essential to give your hair the attention is deserves to keep it in excellent condition. Blonde hair can be prone to dryness and breakage if not properly looked after; the same applies to blonde hair extensions.

Hair extensions do not receive nutrients and moisture from the scalp like your hair. Secret Hair Extensions are made from luxury, virgin double drawn hair, but will still need regular conditioning treatments and love to ensure they last as long as possible.

How To Look After Blonde Hair Extensions.

  1. Make Conditioner Your Best Friend.  As blonde hair extensions require more processing to achieve the perfect tone, this means it requires regular conditioning treatments to keep it looking and feeling glossy. Investing in a good conditioner is one of the first steps you need to take after your fitting. Our conditioner has been specially designed for hair extensions, meaning it contains no sulphates or parabens but will still leave your hair feeling buttery soft. Try our hair extension Boost Treatment once a week for ultimate moisture.
    hair extensions hair care conditioner
    Available via our website.
  2. Avoid Chlorine. As with all extensions chlorine should always be avoided. This pesky chemical can discolour and potentially dry out blonde hair…but being blonde you probably already knew this! Therefore, just as with your hair, it is important to keep it away from chlorine. If you’re on holiday and want a refreshing dip in the pool, make sure your hair is tied up and try not to get it wet.
  3. Protect Your Hair from the Sun.  Whilst on the subject of warm weather, it is important to remember when sunbathing to protect your extensions from the sun. Before heading out into the sun or heat, run some argan oil or leave-in conditioner through your extensions, this way you protect your hair while you tan!
  4. Use The Right Brush. If you’re spending the time keeping your extensions properly conditioned, you don’t want to spoil your efforts by using a brush that damages your extensions! Always use a tangle teaser or a hair extensions brush.
  5. Invest In A Good Hair Oil/Serum. This is often forgotten by many extensions wearers, but oils and serums prolong the durability of your hair extensions significantly. Our damage repair treatment is fantastic for restoring your extensions if worn for a long time.
    How to look after blonde hair extensions
    Our aftercare is specifically designed for hair extensions.
  6. Keep Up To Date With Maintenance Appointments. This is the essential aftercare pointer to remember, maintenance appointments are crucial for keeping your hair and your extensions healthy. This involves keeping the strands of your hair that the extensions are attached to; properly sectioned and combed out. Missing your maintenance appointments can damage your hair and cause stress at the roots.

We hope these tips help and let you get the most out of your Secret Hair!


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