We’ve all made that dreaded mistake – deciding to get that shorter haircut then regretting it instantly. Going shorter seemed like a good idea at the time! But, now you’re left with hair that just doesn’t curl the same way and your messy buns no longer look as messy as you’d like. Now, you want long hair instantly, yet you also want to grow your hair, but what can constantly worn?!

Quite a lot actually…


Hair Extensions aren’t only a great remedy for getting long hair and fast; they are also a great way to promote hair growth…I know, it’s fantastic!

Today, Hair Extensions are at their safest and with an abundance of methods available – the best method for you can be found to give you instantly thicker and longer hair that can be styled as you wish.

But how can hair extensions make your hair grow? Extensions can protect your hair and in turn promote it’s own natural growth because the after effects of styling and heat are applied to your extensions rather than your hair. In turn allowing it the freedom to grow and a break from styling!

Look after your extensions well, and in turn, they will look after you…

Which methods are best for hair growth?

There are plenty of methods available, but these are our favourites regarding hair growth:

Clip In Extensions – Clip In Hair Extensions are brilliant for those wanting instant gratification – longer, thicker hair and fast! They are also a great option for those not wanting to commit to fitted extensions. These extensions are put in when needed, each morning and removed at night. They are quick to apply and do not require any heat or bonds; they are instead secured to your hair using small clips that slide onto your hair. This method allows you to have the hair you desire quickly, but also gives you the freedom to use hair growth serums and treatments when not wearing your Clip In Extensions.

Clip In Extensions – These extensions are also a great alternative to those wishing to grow their hair as they are probably the safest method of extensions available. Worn like headband using an invisi-wire. This process requires no heat, clips or bonds and can barely be felt when worn, making them extremely comfortable. Again, the Secret Halo Hair Extensions are  worn when needed and taken out at night – giving you the freedom to use growth treatments when not being worn.

Micro Ring/Nano Ring Extensions – There are various fitted extension methods available but, these are the safest of the fitted methods. They are more of a permanent choice as once fitted, will last months whilst being worn constantly. These extensions are very discreet and are unable to be seen when your hair is pulled back – meaning they look completely natural. They are fitted using a small ring that is flattened against a small section of your hair. However, proper aftercare and maintenance needs to be taken with this method as they are worn constantly.

If you are unsure of which method to choose in order to promote hair growth, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can advise you on which method would be best for you!

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