You did the revision, survived the exams, got the results and now you’re off to University (exciting right?). But with the start of Uni comes that glorious time of the year…..FRESHERS WEEK!This is a time to re-invent yourself, gain your independence, meet friends for life….and drink your body weight in  Jagerbombs! This means buying a new wardrobe of outfits ready for this magical week, but what about your hair?

A new hair do is an excellent way to refresh your look, boost your confidence and feel like Beyonce when you walk into a bar. We’re here to run through a few hair options to keep you looking ‘on point’ even when you don’t feel it!



Fitted Extensions These are perfect for those of you that want a semi-permanent fix, once fitted these extensions will last for around 6 months with regular maintenance appointments. Meaning that if you keep on top of them, nobody will ever discover your secret! As they are always attached, all you need to do is hop out of the shower and style away!

Clip In / Secret Halo Hair Extensions These are great for those of you who like to create an impact on a night out but would like to be able to remove their hair during the day. These are also great for styling in the morning or night before, meaning there is less to do before pre-drinks!

Hair Pieces These are a great solution to those of you who don’t like to spend too long on getting ready. The pieces are pre-styled so can simply be clipped in and voila! Perfect hair, even better, they’re only £25!

Pony Tails These pony tails simply slide into your hair creating a big impact up-do, made from human hair they can be washed, styled and re-worn time and time again.

Hair Care

Even if you’re feeling hungover it’s still important to look after your own hair at this time. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably been styling your hair with heat and products every night and washing it every day to keep it in check ready for the night ahead. To avoid damaging your hair, take a look at these little tips and tricks below:

Dry Shampoo – If it’s not already you need to make this product your best friend! This product re-vamps your hair, removes grease, gives volume and allows you to freshen your locks without having to wash your hair each day. It’s also great for those of you who have soft/fine hair, a little spray of this and your hair will instantly hold styles better.

Keep Hydrated – No, I don’t mean pour yourself another Jack Daniels and Coke, keeping hydrated with some valuable H20 will do your hair and skin the world of good, as well as flushing out all of those toxins from the night before.

Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner – This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy expensive hair products, it simply means find a shampoo that will hydrate and care for your hair properly. I love the L’Oreal Ever Riche range, they always keep my hair silky and smooth, they wont break the bank either!

If you’re unsure of which type of hair would be best for you or need some advice then why not get in touch? A member of our team would be happy to help you in any way we can.

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