Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Extensions – What Are They? What is Remy Human Hair?

‘Remy Hair Extensions’ / ‘Remy Hair’ refers to the grade of real, human hair which is the highest and the most desirable choice for hair extensions, human hairpieces and wigs. Remy Hair has a longer life span, is soft and lustrous and moves naturally.

Remy Human Hair Extensions What Does It Mean?

Remy hair and remy hair extensions are widely known to be the finest quality human hair in the world. Secret Hair Extensions UK Remy hair is of the highest quality because each of the cuticles is preserved, is intact and has not been stripped, as is the case with other non-remy hair extensions. Maintaining the hairs’ natural cuticles and their alignment in a unidirectional manner enables production of remy hair extensions that are natural in their appearance. The process ensures that remy hair extensions remains at their softest, silkiest and are completely tangle free throughout their life span.  The term Remy strictly speaking refers to the collection process where human hair, when ‘harvested’ is kept in a ponytail to ensure that the hairs fall in their original direction of growth

Secret Hair Extensions UK use only the finest quality human remy hair, meaning that the hair has been meticulously picked and sorted after collection from the hair donor to ensure all the hairs are of the same length and cuticles are aligned. Virgin remy hair extensions are by far the best quality of human hair extensions on the market resulting from the level of care required and the time taken to sort the hair. We use Remy and only Remy hair, in each of or human hair extensions ranges:

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions are far and away the most popular type of human hair extension on the world market due to the exceptional quality they offer the hair extension user.

When describing REMY hair extensions, the name Remy refers to the characteristics of the hair overall in addition to the specific method used to harvest and subsequently manufacture the hair extensions. This meticulous method makes Remy hair the first choice for production of human hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs. With genuine, 100% Remy hair extensions, all hair strands flow in the same direction and thus there will be no tangling.

With non remy hair extensions, however, the collection process is not so meticulous, and hair strands – and their cuticles lay in differing directions and become mixed. Inevitably, tangling and matting problems will eventually occur with non remy hair extensions. Whilst hair can initially feel soft and silky, after shampooing a few times, the silicone coating used on cheaper brands, to keep it smooth, will eventually wash away, resulting in hair that feels harsh, brittle and tangly.

The main quality that sets our Remy Hair Extensions apart are the slow processing techniques and maintenace of the cuticle layer and cuticle direction, which is unilateral. This means the hair cuticles all lay in the same direction from root to tip. Remy hair is collected using a method whereby the hair strands remain aligned in the direction it naturally grew. This ensures a natural feel and softer texture comparable to the wearer’s natural hair.

Secret Hair Extensions UK are made of purely from 100% remy human hair, that has been painstakingly sorted and assembled to preserve the hair’s extraordinary qualities. With a full range of products and styles in a full range of multi-tonal colours, weights and lengths, our remy hair extensions provide leading edge solutions for enhancing clients’ natural hair without having to compromise on quality.

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