Want to know how easy it is to wear your Secret Halo Hair Extensions hairpiece? Our videos show you just how simple it is to transform your hair in minutes!

What Is The Secret Halo Hair Extension?

One of the newest methods on the market, the Secret Halo Hair Extension offer a great alternative to Clip-In or fitted extensions. Worn with a wire that rests on the head like a hair band, this is where the word ‘halo’ comes from. There are no attachments to your hair, making them perfect for those with thin hair or a sensitive scalp.

They are super quick to install and remove making them a perfect quick fix. They are the perfect solution for those wanting to add a bit of glam to their hair at the weekend, without the commitment of fitted hair extensions.

How Long Do Halo Hair Extensions Last?

Our Secret Halo Hair Extensions are made from human hair, which means they will last you for some time. Just like your own hair, the more time you invest in aftercare, the better your halo will last. Which excellent aftercare your hair will last you up to a year or more.

We recommend using our aftercare products which ave been specially formulated to promote the longevity of our hair extensions. We recommend washing with our Shampoo and Conditioner, followed by a monthly deep conditioning treatment using our Masque. Our Elixir is both a heat protectant and hair food, perfect for those who will be wearing and styling their extensions regularly.

Are Halo Hair Extensions Better Than Clip In Hair Extensions?

There is a perfect hair extensions method for everyone. Both Clip In and Secret Halo Extensions remain some of our most popular methods amongst our customers. Halo extensions are better for individuals with fine hair and a sensitive scalp, as the extensions aren’t physically attached to the hair, there is much less tension for the wearer. Many customers find them more comfortable for this reason.

If you have particularly thick hair, we would recommend choosing Clip In Hair Extensions instead. This is because they can be layered through the hair to blend out the blunt line of your hair.

How Do I Colour Match My Hair Extensions?

If you need help with a colour match, a member of our customer service team would be happy to help. Simply send us a few photos of your hair from the front and back in natural lighting.

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