The Differences Between Micro Loop And Micro Ring Hair Extensions

We are frequently asked what the differences between Micro Loop and Micro Ring Hair Extensions are? Many people confuse Micro Loop Hair Extensions for Micro Ring Hair Extensions. Although there are many similarities between them, they are very different methods. We are going to discuss in detail the differences between each fitting technique.

What Are The Differences Between Micro Loop and Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

the differences between micro loop and micro ring hair extensions
Micro Loop Hair Extensions come with a plastic tab to thread the client’s hair.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions offer a user-friendly way to attach human hair extensions. Using the plastic loop; the client’s hair is pulled through a pre-attached copper ring. This ring is then clamped tight to attach to the customer’s hair. As this method involves no heat or chemicals, it makes it very favourable to those looking to wear hair extensions for an extended period.

The Advantages:

The plastic loops and rings are already attached to each strand of hair, meaning fewer tools are required. Just a pair of Hair Extension Pliers to clamp the rings.

They are slightly quicker to apply than Micro Ring Hair Extensions; this is because the technician does not have to spend the time threading rings beforehand.

Due to this method being slightly ‘easier’, it makes it a favourite amongst those who are a little less confident with fitting extensions or aren’t entirely trained.

As the rings are attached, it also makes this method slightly cheaper as you don’t have to buy each item individually.

the differences between micro loop and micro ring hair extensions
A Metal Pulling Loop has to be purchased separately to the hair when using Micro Ring Hair Extensions.

Although this method is slightly quicker and useful for those, who have recently trained in hair extensions. It is associated with being an ‘easier’ and ‘cheaper’ method amongst professionals.

It is harder to carry out a maintenance with this method. As the rings are fused on to the strand, it means that new rings can’t be applied. A maintenance appointment with Micro Loop Hair Extensions, therefore, involves only pushing the rings back up the client’s hair. The safest maintenance method is replacing each ring with a fresh one and re-sectioning.

While we are mentioning the hair fused to the rings, this also means that once clamped; the rings don’t feel as flat as Micro Ring Hair Extensions. This is something to bear in mind if your client has fine hair, as they can be harder to disguise and more prone to slipping.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro Ring Hair Extensions also offer a convenient way to apply for hair extensions without the use of heat or glue. A metal pulling loop is used to thread the clients hair with small Micro Rings (also known Micro Links/Micro Beads). Once the ring is on the client’s hair, the strand of hair is inserted into the ring and clamped flat; the type of hair used for this technique is called Stick Tip/ I-Tip Hair Extensions.

the differences between micro loop and micro ring hair extensions
The hair is separate to the rings when fitting Micro Ring Hair Extensions.

This method of fitting hair extensions is generally considered more ‘professional’ and preferred by those who are fully trained technicians.

As the rings are not fused the strands of hair, it allows the rings to be clamped flatter. Allowing for a natural feel and look. This is because the rings can be easily disguised in the client’s hair. It also makes rings less likely to slip, the flatter they are.

Purchasing the rings separately to the hair also means that custom colour can be chosen for the client’s root colour. Custom rings are favourable to those with a root stretch or ombre hair, as no lighter rings will poke through the hair.

Different Micro Ring sizes and colours are available for purchase in conjunction with stick tip hair. This means the rings can be chosen specifically for the client to be as discreet as possible.

As the rings aren’t fused to the strand of hair, it means the hair itself can be re-used with new rings over and over again. Making this method of fitting a great investment for those wanting to wear their hair for many months.


This method takes a little longer to fit for a client. A Micro Ring for each individual strand must be manually threaded for each individual strand. This can be time-consuming, particularly if you have a client with thick hair.

All tools and hair must be purchased separately, therefore it is essential to complete a consultation so that you can decide on a number of rings and strands beforehand to avoid running out of hair/rings during a fitting.

This method is slightly more expensive, however as the hair can be re-used more successfully. It can be a greater investment for you and your client to opt for this method in the long run.

We hope we have provided you with some insight into the differences between Micro Loop and Micro Ring Hair Extensions, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

It is personal preference which method you chose for your client; it is always best to ask your client for their choice before ordering their hair. Maybe try each method on friends and family to gauge their response before fitting for customers.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions, Micro ring Hair Extensions

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