During the day love to curl and play with our hair, we want it to look our very best! But what about when it’s time to settle down for the evening, what to do with hair extensions at night?

Don’t forget about your hair extensions when you go to bed, looking after them when sleeping is just as important as when you’re awake. We move around in our sleep, particularly if you’re like me and share a bed with a snoring partner! We’ve all experienced bad bed hair; these are our rules to avoid hair extensions bed hair.

What To Do With Hair Extensions At Night

To start, brush your hair thoroughly and spritz with our Protein Spray. This product gives your hair a little pampering and nourishment before bed.

what to do with hair extensions at night
Our Protein Spray is designed to nourish hair and promote longevity.

As hair extensions are long, it is best to plait them so that they are away from your face and won’t rub together at night. This will make sleeping more comfortable and allows for easier brushing in the morning.

Plaiting and securing your hair for bed will also form a natural wave overnight. When you remove the hair tie and loosen the plait and brush through your hair, you have gorgeous beach style waves. For tighter waves, why not divide your hair into two braids for the night? The added benefit of doing this means you don’t have to straighten or curl your hair in the morning, which is a bonus, if like me; you struggling to get out of bed in the morning!

I have Short Hair Extensions that I can’t Plait, What Should I do?

Some of us prefer to add extensions to our hair for thickness alone. Some ladies have very short hair extensions for this reason. Just because your hair extensions are short, this does not mean you can forget about them at bedtime.

As with long hair extensions, brush thoroughly and spritz with a little Protein Spray. Then, if possible tie into a plait. If your hair isn’t long enough to braid; pull into a ponytail, folding the hair under itself if possible. This way your is securely fastened and away from your face, preventing any rubbing together whilst you sleep.

Can I Wash My Hair Extensions Before Bed?

Yes, it is fine to wash your hair extensions at night. However, NEVER go to bed with your hair extensions wet or damp. When you’re tired it is tempting to go to bed with your hair slightly damp but it is imperative you don’t. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, so take care to dry thoroughly to avoid tangling and matting.

For a full guide on how to look after your hair extensions including what to do with hair extensions at night, click here.

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