Hair Extensions Skipton

Many salons in cities around Yorkshire and Leeds charge very expensive prices for two reasons:- Salons have very high overheads to cover, and others simply want to charge inflated prices. At Secret Hair Extensions Leeds, we pride ourselves on providing a premier London salon style experience without the price tag.

To have hair extensions fitted with easy access of Skipton, simply hop on a train direct to Leeds Railway Station! Travel time from Skipton Railway Station to Leeds is only 40 minutes. A typical fare is around £9.40, trains run every 20 minutes.

Secret Hair Extensions Leeds studio is only a 10-minute walk from the train station.

Why pay £500-£1,000 when you can have them fitted in our exclusive studio for half of the price, with excellent quality guaranteed.

If travelling by car, the journey is 28 miles, approximately 50 minutes. There are several multi-storey car parks on Albion Street, just a few metres from the studio (simply pay on exit).

What Makes Us Different?

The Director founded the business in 2006. During this time Secret Hair UK has developed it’s own methods as well as keeping up with the latest innovations in fitting.

But the most important factor is the sheer excellence of the hair. Secret Hair Extensions are suppliers to high-end salons in the UK and abroad. Offering the finest Russian-Mongolian and Slavic hair. This buying power means that discounts can be passed on to the client.

Secret Hair Extensions UK, select only the finest Remy human hair for their ranges. ‘Remy’ means that all hair faces in the same direction so that the cuticles (scale like outer layer of the hair) align and the strands are parallel. This means that there will be no tangling or matting during wear.

The hair is sourced from ethical suppliers, which is processed slowly to ensure that the cuticle layer remains intact. The hair will last for an extended period of time with proper aftercare procedures. Full aftercare advice and products will be offered at your fitting by your technician.

Hair Extensions Methods

The following methods are available: –

Micro Ring Hair Extensions – by far the most popular method available at present. The client’s hair is passed through a small copper ring along with the extension strand, precision pliers are the used to clamp the ring shut and to keep it securely in place.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions – a similar method to micro ring hair extensions, except the nano tip and nano ring are a lot smaller. The rings used are often referred to as nano bead hair extensions due to their size.

Micro Weft Hair Extensions – a weft is applied using copper micro rings rather than braiding and sewing into the hair. This method is far more comfortable and is a better method for damage free hair extensions as they cause far less damage than traditional cornrows.

Fusion Hair Extensions –  the hair extension is fused to the hair using a hair extensions application gun to soften the keratin so it can be rolled into a small fused keratin bond.

Tape Hair Extensions – this is a semi-permanent method lasting up to 6 weeks where an invisible adhesive strip is used to attach mini weft extensions to flat sections of client’s hair. These strips lay flat against the head, like the client’s own hair.

Our halo hair extensions method – this is a temporary method for fitting a triple layer hair weft using an invisible band – often called the ‘hair on a wire’ hair extension method.

Clip in Hair Extensions – this is a temporary hair extensions systems using the same quality Remy human hair. The extensions are attached to the client’s hair using small pliable clips and removed each night.

Nearest Salon:

Secret Hair Extensions Leeds

20-22 King Charles Street
Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 6LT

0113 245 5977

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