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Please note, as our building has been put up for sale by our landlords we did not have the opportunity to renew our lease.  We have relocated to our sister salon in Norfolk, but our clients in Leeds are being serviced by a very capable extensionsist that we have worked with for a long time. They will continue to use our hair. Please contact us via the website form for contact details.

Our reputation is built on the superb quality of our Virgin Remy hair. The hair has been meticulously sourced to be long lasting and lustrous. By using Slavic, Russian and Mongolian hair, Secret Hair Extensions Leeds can offer our clients the best hair on the worldwide market.

Secret Hair Extensions Leeds are part of the Secret Hair Extension UK group. Our company has worked diligently over the past decade to refine and extend our luxury range of human hair.

Using the most up to date hair extension techniques for application, we have a hair extension method ideally suited to whichever type of hair our clients may have.

Our clients may be having hair extensions in Leeds but the methods employed are the same as top London hair salons but at a more realistic price. Because we have developed our own brand, source massive quantities of hair, and the fact that we supply to other salons, we can pass the advantages of our buying power to our clients.

We supply real hair extensions, of the utmost quality, to real people at real prices.

Secret Hair Extensions light and airy hair extensions salon in Leeds provides a relaxing environment and we offer complimentary wifi, live TV and movie streaming, as well as free refreshments during our clients’ visit. There is car parking literally a few paces away at Albion Street NCP.

Your Hair Extensions Consultation

All clients will have a Hair Extensions Consultation before fitting at our hair extensions salon on King Charles Street, Leeds. During the consultation, we will assess the suitability of the client’s hair for hair extensions fitting. This includes assessing the strength and durability of the clients’ hair. We will also consider the colour, condition, and length of the hair as well as inspecting the condition.

We will then discuss all of the options regarding which hair extensions method will be most appropriate for the client’s individual needs. Consideration will be given to lifestyle and styling preferences also.

Full hair extensions aftercare procedures will be explained to clients and Secret Hair Extensions Leeds also stock a full range of hair extensions aftercare products including hair extensions shampoo, hair extensions conditioner, and hair extensions conditioning masque. Hair extensions brushes are also available for purchase.

Many clients coming to Secret Hair UK for hair extensions in Leeds come from many many miles away. If this is the case or you have limited time, your consultation can be carried out on the day of fitting. This means that clients who cannot easily get into Leeds city centre can schedule their consultation for the same day as their fitting. Fitting will only be carried out following a successful consultation,

A deposit will be taken upon booking to secure a half day hair extensions appointment. The fitting will take approximately 2 – 2.5 hours but we allow enough time to get to know our client and their needs. We also want to spend time finishing each job to the customers own requirements with regards to styling. Hair Extensions may take some time to get to grips with so we want to be able to explain the do’s and don’ts of hair extensions and the best techniques for styling hair extensions back at home, and so on.

Please bear in mind: Most people take their time considering hair extensions. They do not ‘walk in’ on impulse for hair extensions fittings. Therefore, if you need to cancel your appointment we require 72 hours notice to enable us to fill that appointment space in your absence. Your deposit will be at risk should you fail to give us satisfactory notice.

Hair Extensions Maintenance at our Leeds Salon

We invite our clients to pop back after 3 – 4 weeks for a tightness check, to discuss how they are getting on with their brand new hair extensions and to offer any advice on how to wear hair extensions and how to look after hair extensions.

After 6-8 weeks a hair extensions maintenance appointment will be carried out where each ring is individually replaced one by one and repositioned to prevent them becoming visible as the hair grows. Most importantly it is to ensure there is never any undue stress on the hair and that all strands remain free flowing. It also allows us to assess whether clients are looking after their extensions satisfactorily and to offer any advice necessary.

During the maintenance appointment, clients will have the opportunity to have any extensions strands replaced when necessary. As our hair has such a strong keratin bond, shedding does not occur.

Salons who buy in bulk hair cheaply and bond it themselves will find it necessary to re-bond at each appointment. Our unique colour blends are made specifically for us in our production unit, with extra strong Italian keratin. This has a special polymer added so that the bonds will not be broken down by oils from the scalp or products, as occurs with sfter bonds when bulk hair is bonded on site.

Sometimes clients will want to add a few more highlights in summer, go for a little more length now they have got used to longer hair, and so on. The possibilities are endless and we are totally flexible to fit around clients’ needs. We can completely customise colour blends for our clients during fittings and maintenance appointments.

Everlasting Extensions in Leeds

Human hair is a natural organic material. It receives no nourishment via your scalp from your diet and needs to be given some obvious care and attention (like all of us!). If you know you don’t look after your own hair, even without extensions, you may like to take advantage of our continual top up service. At the time of your maintenance appointment, you can extend the service to replace a proportion of your extensions strands. This means that you have a continuous supply of fresh new hair every few weeks. This way your hair extensions will keep going for years and years!

Hair Extensions Methods in our Leeds Salon

Micro Ring Hair Extensions in Leeds

The most popular hair extensions method in Leeds at the moment is the Micro Ring Hair Extensions method. This is sometimes called micro loop or micro bead extensions. The clients hair is gently pulled through a small copper ring. This is used to secure the hair extension strand to the clients won hair. This is a very successful method for damage free hair extensions.

Nano Ring Extensions in Leeds

A similar method to micro ring hair extensions, the Nano ring hair extensions method uses even smaller copper micro rings. 90% smaller than most micro beads, nano bonds are smaller than a pen tip. The client’s hair is passed through the nano bead and then a nano hair extension strand is inserted into the tiny ring before being clamped closed.

This is also a very satisfactory hair extension method for fine hair. It is an appropriate hair extension method for short hair,

Tape Hair Extensions in Leeds

For hair extensions that will last for up to 6 weeks tape hair or Tape in hair extensions are a fabulous method. The mini hair extensions wefts can be fitted in less than an hour in most cases. When the hair is due to be maintained the adhesive bonds can be replaced and the hair is completely reusable.

Pre-bonded Hair Extensions in Leeds

Fusion hair extensions are often known as pre bonded hair extensions. The hair extension comes with a small keratin tip that can be fused with a minute amount of gentle heat. The hair extension bond is then rolled in order to attach it to the clients hair. This method also allows smaller strands to be placed where necessary and colour blending of strands.
This method can take longer for maintenance.

Weave or Weft Hair Extensions in Leeds

Secret Hair Extensions Leeds also fit weft hair extensions. We use a damage free method to attach the weft to the clients hair using micro rings and thread. (Tight braids and cornrows put excessive stress on the clients hair so this method is avoided) This technique allows the client to attach a heavy density of hair in the form of wefts. It does not allow the same free flowing movement that is achieved with micro ring extensions but allows the addition of full rows of hair. More suited to clients who do not wish to wear their hair up.

Luxury Clip In Hair Extensions in Leeds

Secret Hair Extensions UK offer a boutique fitting and trimming service with the Luxury Clip In Hair Extensions. Our clip in hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair; they are the same lustrous quality as our fitted hair extensions. We have a range of temporary hair extensions including quad weft extensions, clip in ponytails, half wigs, ombre hair extensions and much more.

The Secret Halo Hair Extensions in Leeds

We have developed a damage free method for hair extensions using a temporary hair weft system which is available in our Leeds salon. These are made of the same luxury Russian Remy hair that our pre bonded hair extensions are made from.

Using an invisible wire for fitting, clients can simply slip in the Secret Halo weft and wear it alongside their own hair just like a halo! Takes minutes! Available in a range of lengths and colours, clients are welcome to come in for a free colour matching and fitting service at our Secret Hair Extensions Leeds salon.

Mobile Hair Extensions Leeds

If you are looking for mobile hair extensions in Leeds we have the answer! As our landlords put the building up for sale when our 3 year lease expired we decided to relocate our salon business.  For all of our lovely clients in Leeds we are forwarding our extensions fittings to a very experienced extensionsist who we have worked with for some time. This will allow clients to have luxury Remy hair extensions fitted at home rather than coming into the city centre. Please contact us via email for details

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