If you have blonde hair, I’m sure you are aware that your hair colour can be temperamental if you come into contact with certain chemicals. We have all heard Chlorine turning hair green horror stories!

Just as with your hair; care needs to be given to your Blonde Hair Extensions to avoid any discolouring. If you find your hair extensions are turning a brassy/peachy/pink shade, this is because something has triggered a chemical process altering your hair pigmentation.

As Blonde Human Hair Extensions have been processed to achieve the perfect shade, any chemicals prone to discolouring hair extensions; will also discolour your hair extensions. We’re here to answer all of your questions surrounding ‘Why Do Hair Extensions Turn Orange’?

Why Does Hair Turn Orange?

The pigments found in hair colours are what help you to achieve your desired shade. They counteract the tones already found in your hair. When dying hair blonde and adding highlights; Violet and Ashy pigments are used to neutralise any warm tones in your hair.

The warmer the tones in your hair, the more violet/ashy/silver pigments your hair will require. This is why it often takes Brunettes a few appointments to reach their desired blonde shade, and also why their hair appears brassy after their first colouring treatment.

As with all coloured hair, over time the pigments will be lifted through washing, and your natural colour pigmentation reappears. Ever wondered why when your hair is due a colouring appointment it can look slightly more yellow/brassy? This is because your natural pigmentation is starting to show. Many of us chose to use a silver shampoo to keep this process at bay, meaning that only of roots need to be re-coloured.

However, easy mistakes can trigger and accelerate this process involving becoming brassier, faster than usual especially when it comes to human hair extensions.

Why Do Hair Extensions Turn Orange /Pink/Brassy?

It is important to mention here that hair extensions are much more porous than your hair. As the hair is no longer attached the scalp, they no longer receive any natural nutrients that act as a protective barrier. Making extensions more prone to damage and discolouration than your hair would be.

This porosity is why hair extensions can turn a peachy shade much quicker than your hair.

Our hair is sourced from Russia and Mongolia, during manufacturing hair is mixed and processed to reach our desired shades. Therefore, the original colour of your extensions may be darker than their colour after processing.

The following triggers can cause the discolouration of hair extension pigmentation; Water Mineral Content, Chlorine, Sea Water, Sun/Sunbed UV Rays Exposure. Our hair is exposed to all of these triggers on holiday abroad. For this reason, we recommend wearing Clip In Hair Extensions on vacation so they can be removed during the day and only worn at night when they are less likely to be damaged.

Why Does Water Content/ Chlorine/ Sea Water and UV Rays Discolour Hair Extensions?


Hard Water Content

Water Content has an enormous impact on the texture, colour and manageability of your hair extensions. Hard/High Mineral Content Water can leave limescale like residue on your hair. With your natural hair, your scalp can produce the needed oils and nutrients to counterbalance these minerals. However, hair extensions do not have these resources. After repeatedly washing your extensions with this type of water; Tangling, Discolouring, Dryness and Breakage can occur. When abroad you will often find the majority of water contains a high mineral content so bear this in mind if wanting to wear extensions for a holiday. Take the necessary precautions to counteract this damage.

Chlorine/Swimming Pool Water 

Chlorine is designed to keep Swimming Pool Water clean; it does so by removing dirt and residues from the water. Therefore, when you enter the water, it removes this from you too. Chlorine can strip the hair of oils, colour and moisture leave it dry, brittle and discoloured. We recommend tying hair up into a tight bun and avoid submerging your hair underwater. Also, run your hair under clean water before and after entering the swimming pool.

Sea Water

Salt water is damaging to your hair and your hair extensions. Salt is a natural dehydrator and will, therefore, strip your hair of moisture and nourishing natural oils. This will lead to discolouring as the salt water will remove the ashy/violet pigmentation from your hair leaving you with brassy hair.

Sunlight and UV Rays

The Sun and UV Rays have a significant impact on our skin and hair. Our skin browns in sunlight, and also acts as a natural hair lightener. Therefore it affects your hair extensions also. Sunlight can lighten the colour of you hair extensions quicker than it would your own, often leading your hair extensions to look a slightly different colour to your natural hair.

Recognising the effects of heat on your hair extensions is essential. Many of us are tempted to smother hair in Oils to protect our hair from the sun. NEVER do this, this will burn/cook your hair! Unlike discolouration, this is irreversible damage. We recommend wearing a hat/cap in the sun.

How To Correct and Reverse Discoloured Hair Extensions

Before restoring your hair extensions, first, try to identify why they have changed colour to avoid brassy tones reappearing in the future.

If you have just returned from a holiday or sunny climate, this is most probably the issue. If not, you may need to assess the water content in your home and may have to consider investing in a filtered shower head.

Hair Extensions discolouring is a not a fault of your hair extensions or the technician who have fitted them. Human hair extensions are a natural product and will, therefore, behave like human hair.

To restore the colour of your hair, you will need a product designed to reintroduce violet/ashy tones to your hair. We recommend a Silver Shampoo or Toner. We love the ‘Bleach London‘ Silver Shampoo and Conditioners; use in small amounts until you reach your desired colour. If using a Toner, we recommend visiting a professional and carry out a strand test beforehand to ensure it is applied correctly.

We hope we have answered your queries surrounding ‘Why Do Hair Extensions Turn Orange’, if you require any further advice on Silver Shampoos or Toners, please feel free to get in touch.

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