The use of Social Media is one of THE best ways to promote any business. Social media marketing refers to the attention gained by posting to/using social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Instagram is one of the most influential Social Media sites. With over 600 million monthly users; it is worth using this platform to your advantage.

Posting photos to your Instagram account, not only allows you to connect with you current customers but it allows you to attract numerous new clients.

Creating an attractive layout, with interesting pictures is the best way to use your account to its full advantage. We’re going to give you some of our best tips on ‘What To Post On Your Hair Extensions Instagram Account’.

What To Post On Hair Extensions Instagram Accounts?

hair extensions instagram
An example of a post from @secrethairuk.

Personalise Your Account

This is the first step for any successful Instagram Business Account, as it is what allows your customers to identify you.

Name – Choose a simple Username that is easily identifiable. A long, complicated name can be difficult to remember and hard to search for. Our account is @secrethairuk, which is easy to recognise in our followers feeds.

Profile Photo – Next, choose a profile picture, we recommend something simple and identifiable to YOUR company. Perhaps a photo of you, or a picture of a client you were particularly proud of!

Your Bio – This is where you should tell your customers a little bit about yourself and the services you offer. Make sure you portray yourself as friendly and approachable while remaining professional. This way your clients will know what to expect before booking with you.

Starter Photos – We recommend posting around 6-9 posts on your Instagram immediately after creating your page. This way, any potential client that comes across your page can view various photos of your work.
Start by posting your price list and a few before and after pictures, this way your client knows you are credible and how the finished product is likely to look.

What Should I Post On My Hair Extensions Instagram Account?

Thinking up a creative caption is an excellent way to catch the attention of anyone looking through your page. Describe what is in the image and why you like it. For instance, if you have blended several colours to create a Balayage effect….tell your followers! A dull caption will make the entire image seem rather boring.

Instagram is famous for its hashtags. Including hashtags in your caption allows you to receive optimal views on your post. Users use hashtags in their search bar to find the best images/posts relating to their search term. For instance, if a user is looking for pictures of ombre hair, they would type #ombrehair in their search bar.

Therefore, to ensure that as many users as possible view your post and in turn your page; try to include as many relevant hashtags as possible. Such as #hairextensions #longhair #hairgoals #microrings and so forth.

It is also worth mentioning to general area you cover, or if you work in a salon, then tag it! For instance, if you are a mobile technician working around the area of York, tag #york. Or if you are able o cover slightly further afield, tag #northyorkhsire and #hairextensionsyorkshire.

hair extensions instagram
When users search #secrethairuk, this is how our posts are ordered.



Before And After Photos

The reason for having social media accounts is to showcase your work to existing and potential clients. From our experience, we know that before and after photos gain a significant response. Make sure to take a picture of your client’s hair before their fitting, this way you can WOW your viewers with a gorgeous transformation.
Avoiding posting these pictures separately, instead use the Instagram Collage feature, your phone’s App Store will also have many Picture Editing and Photo Collage Apps for you to experiment with.
Tagging the client will also appeal to customers. That way it invites your customer to comment on the picture telling you how much they love their new look!

Inspirational Photos

When it comes to Instagram, we love to see compelling, attention grabbing images. Especially when it comes to the hair and beauty industry, many of us search for images that we could ‘try at home’, or lust after. Posting images such as these are an excellent way to draw the attention of Instagram users. If you see an image on your Instagram feed, why not repost it? This works well with makeup photos; they are an excellent way to break up a row of hair extension posts. Just ensure you tag the owner of the picture and #inspo.

Humanise your profile by posting photos of your hair, or you own life, love your messy bun for work today? Tell your followers about it!

Competitions & Giveaways

Running competitions with prizes is a great way to invite users to engage and follow your profile. Instagram users love the chance to claim a freebie, we’re sure you’ve all heard of #freebiefriday! If running a competition, ensure you followers have to interact with your profile to be in with a chance of winning. For instance, ‘Like This Page’ or ‘Tag A Friend’ are two very popular ways in which companies increase the popularity of their page and create a little excitement amongst their followers.

As you become more acquainted with you Hair Extensions Instagram account, you will find what produces the best result, or what you feel looks best on your page. We all have a favourite filter, right?! However, we hope we have helped you grasp the basics of Instagram Business basics!

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