How to keep your hair extensions looking and feeling lovely is covered in many tutorials and blogs. But what about what not to do to your clip in hair extensions? What little mistakes should you avoid to ensure your hair extensions last you longer? Read on to find out more.

What Not To Do With Clip In Hair Extensions

1. Don’t Use High Heat

We all know the temptation is to curl and straighten your hair every day, but repeatedly styling on a high heat setting can damage your extensions just as it would your natural hair. When using heated styling tools make sure to use a low heat setting, heat protector and smooth some argan oil through the ends afterwards for added nourishment.

2. Never Bleach Your Hair Extensions

While human hair can be dyed or toned if necessary, it is essential never to bleach or try to lighten extensions. Human hair extensions have already been processed and treated before packaging, therefore adding a chemical changing product such as bleach can alter the structure of the hair. If you want to lighten your hair, please choose our white or silver shades instead of risking damage to your hair and extensions.

3. Never Wash Your Hair While Wearing Clip In Hair Extensions

Although this may seem somewhat obvious, it is still asked from time to time. Washing your hair while wearing clip in extensions is a big no. Doing so can cause your natural hair and the hair from the clip in extensions to tangle together causing the removal process to become potentially damaging.

4. Don’t Brush Your Clip-In Hair Extensions When Wet.

This is mistake often made by clients, it is also applicable to your natural hair and fitted extensions. When hair is freshly washed and wet, it is at it’s most vulnerable. Therefore it is recommended to allow your hair extensions to dry or semi-dry (if you are in a rush) before brushing to prevent any breakage or damage.

5. When Washing, Don’t Scrub Your Hair Extensions.

Because Clip In Extensions aren’t attached to your hair when washing, the temptation can be to rub them vigorously. Hair extensions are delicate and should, therefore, be washed delicately to avoid damage.  To clean; smooth the shampoo over the hair from the top to the ends then rinse under running water, repeat this process with conditioner.

6. Don’t Place The Clips Too Close To Your Hairline or Roots.

Putting clip in hair extensions too high up and close to the hairline can be uncomfortable as well as noticeable. Always put the clips at least an inch down the hair and ensure you have left enough of your natural hair to cover the wefts for a natural looking result.

7. Don’t Sleep In Your Extensions.

We’ve all been there; it’s the end of the night after one too many glasses of wine with the girls. Now, the last thing you want to do is have to take your extensions out, but you must! Sleeping in clip in hair extensions can cause tangling as well as pulling on your hair (which can be damaging in the long run). Plus you don’t want to have to detangle your hair with a hangover the next day!

Clip in hair extensions are an excellent way to add volume, length, and a little VA Va Voom to your look. Take care of them properly and they will last you for months or more! To read more about how looking after clip in hair extensions, click here.

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