Secret hair Extensions UK have put together some of our favourite summer celebrity hair looks to give you a little inspiration. As always, these looks will be enhanced by our human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions ranges to create a longer, thicker effect perfect for the beach or the latest festival.

Summer Celebrity Hair

We love Summer. It’s the season of natural tans, flip flops and pastel colours. The sun is shining and everything feels right with the world. It’s also an excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe:  playsuits are just soooo last year! But no ‘summer look’ would be complete without a fresh new ‘do’.

The Khloe Ponytail

Khloe Kardashian seems to always get it right with her summe hair lately. From the colour, to the length…it’s almost perfection. The ponytail is one of the staples for summer, on those days where it’s just too hot to have your hair down, a sleek long ponytail creates a look of glamour whilst being comfy and cool. Use a small amount of product (gel or hairspray are great for this) to smooth back your hair into a super shiny pony – then curl or straighten the tail depending on which look you’re going for! Alternatively, if you don’t have thick hair – opt for a clip in ponytail, it’s a super quick way to create a thick voluminous pony in seconds!

celebrity summer hair khloe

Caramel Brown Selena

This is a new favourite shade of ours! Summer Celebrity Hair Goddess, Selena recently went lighter with her locks by transforming her do’ into a warm, caramel brown…the result is stunning! The warm tones of this shade are perfect for a summers evening. This shade would be a colour #6 or #8 in our remy human hair extensions ranges.

celebrity summer hair selena

Nude Hair

Most of you are probably wondering what on earth We’re talking about, but believe it or not; nude hair has been one of the biggest trends in the celebrity world this year. Those of  you who are blonde will know the struggle to keep up with what is ‘fashionable’ blonde; one week  is Gigi Hadid golden, the next week  we’re going Kim K platinum?! This constant change in shade has lead to a new movement – the nude. It works by combining warm and cool shades to create a neutral, nude colour. Its taken the celeb world by storm because it works on all complexions. Whether you’re fair or olive skinned….you should definitely go nude this summer!

celebrity summer hair nude

Beach Hair

In summer; mousse, dry shampoo and plaits before bed become our new best friends. On a hot day, or if you’re in a rush to get to a beer garden after work – scrunching your hair can be a life saver. It’s a quick and easy way to give your hair a tousled look  that also smells great! If not, before bed run some mousse through your hair then plait/french braid the lengths – in the morning after taking the braids out, your hair will look tousled, beachy and summer ready!  Our range of human hair extensions will dry with a natural wave, but left in a plait will look  positively amazing when let loose.

celebrity summer beach hair

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