Micro Ring Hair Extensions require an effective aftercare routine, so they stay healthy and don’t have an impact on your hair.

Separating the rings at the roots is a key aspect of this aftercare routine. This technique applies to Micro Ring, Nano Ring and Pre Bonded/Fusion Bonded Hair Extensions.

What Does Separating Micro Ring Hair Extension Bonds Mean?

Hair Extensions are installed in straight, uniform rows to create a neat, natural finish. As the extensions are fitted so tightly together, over time shedding or fly away hair can become caught between the bonds.

Potential tangling is prevented by separating the extensions on a regular basis. This is done by simply running your fingers gently between each extension at the root. Pull the two extensions apart slowly and gently if you find a loose hair joins them.

It is best to do this straight after brushing in the morning or evening each day. It doesn’t take long to do but doing so will improve your extensions’ lifespan considerably.

Why Is It Important To Separate Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

One of the biggest causes of hair extensions matting is a poor aftercare routine. Once your hair extensions are installed, it is your responsibility to care for them; your technician will instantly be able to tell a lack of attention.
Separating your extensions will have a positive impact on how well they last in the long run. A lack of care and separating can lead to long, expensive maintenance appointments, or even having to remove them completely.

Committing to a daily aftercare routine will help create a better overall experience of wearing Micro Ring Hair Extensions. Make sure you understand what aftercare is required before your fitting, this way looking after your hair extensions will become an everyday habit. Read about hair extensions aftercare here.

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