Remy Hair Extensions – What Are They?

Remy Hair Extensions, virgin hair extensions, and double drawn hair. There is plenty of jargon surrounding hair extensions when looking for extensions. But what does one of the the most important terms, ‘remy hair’ mean?

Remy Hair Extensions are superior in quality and are the most preferred type of hair extensions. When deciding on what type of hair you want to wear or fit, it is essential to choose remy hair extensions. With Remy hair, the cuticles naturally found on the outer layer of  the hair are kept in tact, in a unilateral direction; unlike other stripped forms of hair. Keeping the cuticle in tact also preserves the hair’s lustre and promotes natural movement.

Remy Hair Extensions – The Salon Professional’s Choice.

Remy Hair Extensions are the professional’s preferred choice of hair. This is because this hair will remain soft and tangle free throughout it’s lifespan. ‘Remy’ indicates hair that has been sorted and sourced to ensure all cuticles are the same length and in the same direction, i.e. it has been collected while in a ponytail and cut in the same direction in which it grew. The meticulous procedure to find the finest quality hair  for remy hair extensions, means that it is worth paying a little bit extra for excellent hair.

Remy Hair Extensions are Tangle Free

In the case of Remy hair, all hair strands lie parallel, the cuticles – which form a scale like coating protecting the hair shaft – all lie in the same direction.  This means that they will not tangle. With non remy hair extensions, hair is more roughly cut, and scales will lie in random directions, as they were not ‘harvested’ as a ponytail. Non remy hair will be more prone to tangling as the scale like outer layers will snag against each other.  In the diagram below the scales can be seen to be aligned in the remy hair extensions example.

what is remy hair

Remy Hair Extensions are Lustrous

As the cuticles of remy hair lie flat over one another, they give hair a smooth surface and shiny appearance.  This lustre will make hair more healthy, will prolong its life span and will allow remy hair extensions to move freely and more naturally.

What is Non Remy Hair?

Non remy hair, as mentioned earlier, is hair that is not collected whilst lying in the direction of it’s natural growth.  Non Remy Hair also refers to hair that is mass produced by having the outer cuticle layer stripped away, chemically, to prevent this tangling.  While non remy hair may seem to perform when it is brand new, after just a couple of shampoos it will lack lustre and become brittle and unmanageable.

How Will I Know if My Remy Hair Extensions Are Actally Remy Human Hair?

The best way to determine if hair is genuine Remy Human Hair is to feel it.  Run a strand of hair between your thumb and forefinger.  Whilst running the fingers down the hair strand, the Remy hair should feel completely smooth and silky. But when run the ether way, there will be a slightly different sensation, indicating that there is more of a resistance due to the presence of the cuticle layer. (Some people can even detect this with their tongue!)

Are Secret Hair Extensions UK made from Remy Human Hair?

Yes! Secret Hair Extensions UK work extremely hard to ensure whilst sourcing, developing and refining our hair supply that only 100% virgin remy human hair is used. It is essential to give you and your client the most durable, soft and tangle free remy hair extensions possible.

Our hair is also sourced from Russia and Mongolia where hair is renowned for its lustre and strength. We use a slower, more gentle processing technique to ensure the cuticles are maintained in a manner that will extend the hair’s lifespan and softness for as long as possible.  By using cold water techniques, gentler colourants and a much slower processing time, we can maintain the cuticle, the lustre and the credibility of each strand.

Remy Hair Extensions

We offer two ranges of remy human hair extensions. We have our standard range of remy hair extensions, which has a lifespan of up to six months with appropriate aftercare.

We also offer our Opulence range: Celebrity Secret , which is our virgin remy human hair extensions range with a lifespan of around a year with appropriate aftercare.  We have developed a full range of specially formulated hair extension aftercare products to not only add, but seal in moisture into our extensions.  These are sulphate and paraben free to keep your remy hair extensions at their peak performance level and lengthen their lifespan.

Why not head over to website, or alternatively pop into to one of our specialist hair extensions studios to try our superior remy hair now.


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