Micro ring hair extensions are the way forward! The hair extension industry is constantly on the lookout for new revolutionary methods of fitting hair extensions. The increasing demand for hair extensions meant a new fitting technique needed to be created. This gap in the market led to the creation of Micro Rings, a  fitting technique that has taken the extension market by storm. Not only are they comfortable and discreet for all hair types and textures, they are completely harm free!

Micro Rings Hair Extensions, What Are They??

Micro Rings, otherwise known as Micro Loop Hair Extensions are designed to lay flat against head to create a natural looking result overall. Flat rings instead of bulky bonds also create a natural looking finish when tying hair back.

The fitting process requires no heat, braiding or harsh glue; all of which can damage your hair. Instead, each extension strand is attached to the client’s hair using a small copper ring. Once in a secure section, the ring is clamped shut using our hair extension pliers. The tightening of the ring keeps the extension securely in place.

The removal process is also much safer. Gone are the days of lengthy removal appointments using acetone and removal solutions which can damage and dry out hair. Instead, the metal rings can simply be unclamped and removed from the hair, pain-free and safely.

Why Choose Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

Microring hair extensions are the easiest extensions to maintain by far. Micro Ring Extensions eliminate the need to be constantly cautious of melting or causing the bonds to soften from using heat or certain products. No exposed bond means you can now happily use heated rollers, achieve a big bouncy blow dry and more!

The type of hair ustiny tipped micro ring micro rings hair extensionsed for this application method is Stick Tip Hair Extensions. This name is due to the end of the extension strand that is to be inserted into the ring having a stick-like appearance. At Secret Hair Extensions, we use only the finest 100% Remy Mongolian hair, which is the same thickness from root to tip. The keratin tip has been specially formulated to prevent shedding to ensure the longevity of the hair.

Micro Rings can repeatedly be worn and reapplied many times. With no painful removal process, they make a fantastic long term solution to those looking to lengthen and thicken their hair.

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