Micro Ring Hair Extensions Maintenance Appointments are a crucial part of your extension aftercare routine. These regular appointments help to keep your hair extensions in excellent condition as well as keeping your hair healthy.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Maintenance Appointments, What Are They?

Each Hair Extensions Technician has a preferred maintenance method; the Hair Replacement or Hair Refit Method.

Refit/Replacement Maintenance Appointments

During this appointment, each extension is removed individually. Your hair is then re-sectioned and refitted with a new ring.  This maintenance method allows for new hair to be added if needed; some clients like to purchase 1-2 new bundles of fresh hair. Adding new hair allows your technician to refresh your hair continually, and will mean a longer period between each new set.

This maintenance appointment should be carried out every 6-8 weeks.

This method allows your technician to assess the condition of your hair, how your hair is growing and handling the weight of the extensions. Losing around 50-100 strands of your hair day is natural. Over time the stands of hair your extensions are attached to will become smaller. Resectioning these strands means a whole section of hair is supporting the extensions and keeps your hair safe.

hair extensions maintenance aftercare

Uplift Maintenance Appointments

This maintenance appointment involves unclamping the ring, moving the strand back up the hair and reclamping in its original position.

This method is a quicker appointment overall and should be scheduled every 4-6  weeks.

However, it is important to remember that when this process is carried out, it can compromise the integrity of the rings. Contact pressure on the ring will weaken the copper, meaning the rings then become more prone to breakage or slipping. It is also harder to assess the health of your hair beneath the extensions.

What Is The Recommended Maintenance Method?

At Secret Hair Extensions, we ALWAYS carry out a Reft Maintenance Appointment. This method is by far the safest for your hair and is the most efficient way to ensure your extensions last for as long as possible.

What Happens If You Don’t Have A Maintenance Appointment?

Before having your extensions fitted, you should understand that these appointments are crucial. If you cannot keep up with your maintenance appointments, we would advise a temporary method such as Clip In Hair Extensions or Secret Halo Hair Extensions. Without these appointments your extensions may not last for as long, may slip out, tangle, damage your natural hair as well as leading to expensive removal appointments.

If you do not keep up with your hair extensions maintenance appointments, your technician cannot be held responsible for the condition of the extensions or hair.

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