After cutting hair short, the worry can be that hair extensions for short hair will look unnatural once fitted. With hair trends constantly fluctuating; it can be hard to keep up with the trends of the moment. One week Miley Cyrus’ short and shaved sides are all the rage, the next – Kylie Jenner’s long, thick extensions are seen on magazine covers. Luckily, Secret Hair Extensions UK can help.

Can Micro Ring hair extensions be worn in short hair?

Yes! Micro rings and stick tip hair extensions can be worn in shorter hairstyles. It is recommended for clients to have hair at least 3-4 inches long before a fitting. This is to ensure the technician has enough length to cover the rings in order to create a natural blend.


Are Micro Rings the best choice of hair extensions for short hair?

The progression and modernisation of hair extensions means that prebonded and clip in extensions are more discreet than ever. The individual strands that are used in micro rings are designed to lie flat against the head, unlike clip ins which can appear bulky in shorter/finer hair. The rings are also designed to blend with the client’s natural hair colour. Once fitted the result will be longer, thicker, natural looking long hair. Individual strands mean hair can be placed all around the head – meaning if more strands are needed in one area this can be achieved. This can be harder to do with methods such as weaves where the technician is reliant on large strips or wefts.


What are the advantages of hair extensions for short hair?

Short hair often leaves clients with limited choices when it comes to styling their hair. Hair extensions will create length, volume and thickness which can be revolutionary for those with a short hairstyle. Long loose waves, ponytails, messy buns and more will become achievable. In just a few hours, short hair will be transformed – allowing clients to cut out the months or years of waiting for hair to grow a few inches.

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