Micro Ring Hair Extensions require blow drying regularly, effectively drying your hair is an essential part of your aftercare routine. Developing an excellent aftercare regime is the best way to ensure your extensions stay silky soft.

How to best dry your human hair extensions can vary depending on the fitting method you have installed. Different bond materials and application methods require varying levels of heat and products, so make sure to research your hair extension method before your fitting.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions, how should you dry them?

One of the many benefits of Micro Ring Hair Extensions is the barrier the copper ring provides for the extensions tip. Exposed bonds such as Fusion Bonds are vulnerable and risk melting or becoming soft with certain levels of heat or if left damp. Micro Ring Extensions are therefore more resilient to heat and can also be left to air dry.

Partially air drying hair extensions is perfect for those with slightly wavy hair as it allows for scrunching to match the texture of your hair. It is our expert advice always to blow dry your hair extensions as this will keep your hair soft.

To air dry hair extensions, start by first detangling and brush the hair using a Tangle Teeze or Hair Extensions Brush. Once brushed run your fingers gently through the gaps in between each ring, this removes as loose hairs that may have tangled through washing. Finish by running some Argan Oil or Protein Spray through the ends.

Blow drying is made easier by clipping up the top half of your hair to create two sections. Brush the hair and spray with a little Heat Protector. Then dry from the roots down, ensuring to dry in a downwards motion to keep the hair smooth. Repeat the process with the top section of the hair. Once dry, finish by running Argan Oil or Protein Spray through the ends.

Blow drying around a round brush will create a slightly flicked effect at the ends of your hair, which is perfect if you’re in a rush but still want your hair to look styled.

Your Micro Ring Extensions are now ready to go!

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