People often ask us how to look after clip in hair extensions. Secret Hair Extensions are made from 100% human remy hair meaning they are softer and more durable than synthetic hair types; although this means that you can curl and style your hair to your hearts content, it also means that from time to time you will need a little TLC to help look after your Secret Clip-In Hair Extensions and keep them as soft and luscious as ever! As always, we’re here to help by showing you how to make your hair extensions last as long as possible!

Storing hair extensions is a vital part of looking after your hair extensions, so don’t forget about them when you take them out to go to bed!

  • Start by making sure they are tangle free before putting them away; use your fingers, a Tangle Teezer or wide tooth comb to brush out any knots or product that may be left in the hair
  • Don’t leave too much product on your hair extensions or leave them damp
  • Finally, make sure you have somewhere suitable to store them – our clip in hair extensions come in a hair extension hanger bag which is great for this! Avoid keeping them anywhere damp as damp environments can damage the hair to lead to musty smells and nobody wants that!We recommend trying to keep your hair as tangle and knot free as possible; if you don’t brush them regularly they can tangle, leading to harsh brushing which ultimately damages the condition of the hair. We also think that the smoother the hair, the nicer it looks!
  • Our ‘go to’ brushes for clip in hair extensions are loop brushes and Tangle Teezers; both are designed to not pull on the hair whilst smoothing out knots and tangles. Loop brushes are actually designed specifically for hair extensions!
  • When brushing; make sure you brush the bottom of the extensions first and work your way upwards, this will make light work of any tangles and is also the safest way to brush clip ins!
care clip in hair extensions

Your clip-in hair extensions shouldn’t need washing as often as your own hair but sometimes a build up of product or a need to wash the hair in order to restyle may arise. When washing your hair a few simple steps need to be followed in order to wash them effectively:

  • Firstly, make sure all of the clips on the wefts are closed and the hair is tangle free; this will make combing easier after washing.
  • Next, fill a sink with luke warm water or keep the tap running after setting the temperature. Wet the extensions by dipping them in the water or running under the tap, once wet they are ready to be shampooed
  • Extensions like certain shampoos; the less chemicals, silicones, fruit acids and so on the better! Use a natural shampoo and your extensions will love you for it! You need to be careful with what shampoos and conditioners you use as unlike your own hair they don’t have the natural oils and nutrients conditioning them on a daily basis so using heavy products can make them go dry.
  • When shampooing the hair slowly distribute the shampoo through the hair in a downwards motion; don’t scrub the hair as this can cause tangling or even damage them! Once nicely lathered and smelling lovely, run the extensions under the tap or dip the hair into the water in order to rinse the hair. Always rinse thoroughly
  • Conditioning the hair is essential and again when applying, make sure you always do so in a downward motion. We recommend argan oil based shampoo and conditioners as extensions appreciate the hydration this oil provides! Rinse off in the same manner and voila! Clean extensions!
  • When it comes to drying freshly washed extensions, we find that leaving them to dry naturally is the best option as it prevents any damage from the hair dryer. If you need them dried quickly, use the cool setting on your hair dryer, try and use a barrel brush whilst drying them as this will stop the hair blowing in different directions and also give them a bit of a blow dry!
  • When brushing freshly washed extensions, make sure to brush them when dry! We cannot stress this enough, just like your own natural hair – your hair extensions are at their most vulnerable when wet. So let them dry naturally then brush them with your loop brush or Tangle Teezer, this will prevent unnecessary pulling and damage to the hair – you will also find it easier to brush extensions when dry.

We all know that being able to style your hair extensions to make them look glamorous is the best part! But please take care when applying heat, as our Secret Clip-In Extensions are made of human hair. You can curl, straighten and style them, but when you do so always make sure to apply a heat defence product and use the styling tool on a lower temperature if possible. This will help to lessen the damage of the heat and ultimately make your hair last longer!

We hope this post has given you a few little tips and tricks to looking after you clip-in extensions and keep them looking and feeling amazing for as long as possible!

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