We consider ourselves lucky to work with so many different personalities, each with their own story. Yesterday we were fortunate enough to transform Jordan Bone, a lady we have been a big fan of, for many years!

Jordan wanted to add length and thickness to her hair. As Jordan’s hair is naturally quite thick, we opted for a full head of Micro Ring Hair Extensions. Extension methods using individual strands are best for thick hair as the weight can be evenly distributed across the head.

Many of you have been asking what hair Jordan had fitted; we’re here to tell you a bit more about Jordan Bone’s Secret Hair Extensions transformation.

Who Is Jordan Bone?

jordan bone secret hair extensions
Jordan wears her Secret Hair Extensions in French Braids.

As we mentioned before, we have been a HUGE fan of Jordan Bone for some time. This gorgeous young woman is from our hometown became an inspirational speaker after a car accident that left her paralysed at the young age of fifteen. Since then Jordan has developed her Makeup skills and become a successful beauty YouTuber, Social Media Influencer and author.

I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of Jordan or her story. Having worked with brands such as L’oreal, Liz Earle, Ilamasqua and many more, she really knows her stuff. If you haven’t already subscribed to her YouTube channel, do it now!

Jordan’s video ‘My Beautiful Struggle’ went viral, with the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Nikki Minaj showing their support for her story. Her YouTube video eventually lead to her first book, also named ‘Me Beautiful Struggle’, which was a guilty pleasure for me. I was constantly sneaking pages during my lunch breaks and on the train! It really is a thought-provoking read; you can pick up a copy here.

You can see why we were so excited to meet her, am I right?!

What Hair Extensions Does Jordan Bone Wear?

Jordan wears a full head of our Celebrity Secret Micro Ring Hair Extensions. We combined the shades ‘Silver’ and ‘Grey’ to match the ashy, silvery tones of her hair. The colour match and overall effect were enviable! Silver is a difficult colour to pull of as beautifully as this.

Our Celebrity Secret Micro Rings are bonded with our specially developed Keratin Polymer. This allowed us to create a smaller tip to use with our Mini Micro Rings. The bonds are flexible meaning the hair can be worn again and again. The bond will not break down, flatten or shed once applied making it revolutionary for those who wear Micro Ring Hair Extensions.

You too can wear the same hair extensions as Jordan, simply visit one of our salons for a transformation. Or why not contact us for a colour match to have Celebrity Secret Hir Extensions fitted by your hairdresser. As always we recommend only having your hair extensions fitted by a trained professional.

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