With the cold weather slowly creeping up on us, we’ve finally had to admit defeat and pull our coats out of wardrobe hiding. But it’s not all bad news! With winter approaching it means cosy nights in, darker nail polish, and pumpkin spice lattes. While researching this winter’s top style trends we couldn’t escape Icy Platinum Hair, which seems to be taking the celebrity world by storm.

Icy Platinum Hair, the go-to colour for winter?

While many of us decide to go darker for winter, this year is set to be a game change for hair colour. With many celebrities already choosing to break the rules by going lighter, whiter in fact!


Christina Aguilera shocked us earlier this year by turning her trademark golden blonde locks Jessica Rabbit red. Another hair makeover later, she is now platinum white, and we LOVE it.


platinum hair platinum white christina aguilera
Platinum white hair paired with a red lip, the perfect festive look?

While Kylie Jenner is no stranger to a shocking hair colour with her extensive wig collection ranging from green to turquoise. We were hooked to her snapchat, where Kylie filmed her traditionally dark tresses bleached to a new icy tone.

Earlier this year we say Kylie’s big sister Kim debut platinum blonde locks, is Kylie taking a page out of Kim’s style diary?

kylie jenner platinum hair blonde
A very Kim-esque ice white tone.

We’ve always loved Kristen Stewart’s long brunette tresses that gave her that ‘girl next door look’ but when we saw her debut a shorter, whiter look. We fell in love all over again. Kristen’s switch to this on-trend style has transformed her look completely, from Twilight Princess to edgy fashionista.

Love this edgy look.

With her dark roots on display paired with a plum lip, Kristen manages to make a style so white look so gothic, fabulous!

With the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and even Zac Efron joining the platinum hair brigade, we can’t wait to see who else will decide to go white this winter. What do you think of this look? Are you thinking about making your best Elsa impression by going icy white? If so we’d love to see your selfies!


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