At Secret Hair people are always asking us about our ranges of damage free hair extensions. Being extension lovers ourselves we like to make sure each of our ranges are as safe as possible. So today I’m going to show you The Secret Halo Hair Extension Weft; what they are, how to use them and why we love them so much!

flip_shop These extensions are perfect for those who want a quick fix to achieve long hair without the hassle of clips, for those new to hair extensions or when you only have a few minutes in the morning to do your hair (nightmare!).

The Secret Halo hair is essentially a hair piece consisting of 130g in a triple weft of 100% human remy hair meaning that once wearing them you will get a thick, full of head of gorgeous hair in minutes!

What I think is the most special thing about our Secret Hair is that it is 16 inches wide; much wider than other brands I have tried. We designed ours this way as it means the hair will fill out the whole of your hair, including your fringe – I always like my hair to look as full and as natural as possible and using wider wefts makes this possible.

More importantly girls, they are made of real human hair in a range of colours – meaning they can be curled, straightened, washed…even dyed!

It works via the adjustable secret wire, which is shaped to fit each individual head and worn almost like a hair band, which you then pull your hair over, it is so easy and simple to do. I’ll show you how..


Here is a before photo to show that my natural hair is short and not particularly thick. Excuse the grumpy faces, I was full of cold!


Here I’ve placed the extensions over my hair and head until it’s in a comfortable position and feels secure. I will then knot the wire and trim so that it is now custom fitted according to my own head shape.


Now I am beginning to pull some of my own hair over the extensions using a pin tail comb. Be careful not to pull all of your hair over the weft as you want your hair to blend in with the extensions, all you really need is just enough hair to hid the wefts and wire.


Now I’m just pulling my fringe and the hair around the front of my face over the sides of the extensions to make this area look a bit ‘fuller’.


Here is the finished look! Putting The Secret Halo it in took me less than two minutes, I love them because they’re so easy to use and even quicker to take out at night.

Normally when I’m putting them in at home – to make the process even quicker, I will clip the hair I’m going to use to cover the extensions on top of my head (almost like a mini top knot), place the extensions on, then simply take the clip full of my hair out and it will fall straight over the weft and I’m good to go.

Again, if you’re looking for something new or are trying hair extensions for the first time, I would definitely recommend a Secret Halo!

flip in hair extensions blonde

flip in hair extensions before and after

flip in hair extensions

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