How To Make Your Hair Look Good In Photos

We live in a world full of selfies and social media. We follow lists of gorgeous girls with perfect hair and makeup. What if we want a little bit of that perfection for ourselves? What’s their Secret? We’re here to give your our tips and tricks on how to make your hair look good in photos.

how-to-make-your-hair-look-good-in-photos1.  Be Aware of Camera Flash.

A camera flash will pick up on EVERYTHING in a photo. You may have teased, and hair sprayed your hair to near perfection but don’t be fooled, that flash will pick up on every stray hair and fly away. The most efficient way to stop any frizz is to use a serum to smooth over the hair once styled. We love to use Argan Oil, it smells great and has excellent smoothing properties. Rub a small drop between your hands then gently smooth over the hair.

2. Allow Your Hair To Move.

We all love shiny, sleek hair that moves like water – so does the camera. As previously mentioned, the camera flash will pick up on all elements of your hair; including too much hair spray. The temptation can be to spray enough to keep your hair locked in place all night. However this creates plastic, ‘helmet’ like look in photos. If hair spray is needed, use a few short spritz around the head to avoid any clumping and retain the hair’s natural movement.

3. Beware The Dreaded ‘Curtain Hair’.

When it’s warm in a club or bar, and your hair isn’t feeling so ‘on fleek,’ the temptation is to hide behind your hair. Pulling your hair across your face or wearing your bangs more prominently can create the dreaded curtain hair. Although hair across the face can look sultry, this is always the case in photographs. Try wearing one side further across the face and push the other side back, or tuck it behind your ear. Doing so will accentuate your eyes and shows off your hairstyle.

4. Good Lighting Is Your to look good in photos

This is probably the most important tip we can give you. Learn what lighting is best for you. Natural light shining onto your face is always the most flattering. It will flatter your eyes and make your hair look shiny so always opt for a photo taken in this direction if possible. If not, try to look up into a camera flash to avoid dull circles under the eyes. For your hair, avoid standing in front of a light source; this can make your hair look dull and even dirty. This is why so many celebrities use ring lights and light up phone cases for their selfies!

5. Keep It Clean.

Clean, freshly washed hair is the best way to ensure your hair looks great in a photograph. Oily or dirty hair can cause hair to fall in strands and look flat, even if it doesn’t look this way in person. Why not try our range of Shampoo and Conditioners for the ultimate clean. Ensure hair is clean for a photo full of luscious, shiny, sleek locks of perfection!

We hope these tips on how to make your hair look good in photos has been helpful for you. We look forwards to seeing your super hair selfies soon.

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