Holiday Hair Extensions

Holiday Hair Extensions are the perfect accessory for anyone jetting away to sandy, sun-blessed beaches. A relaxing getaway, or a girls holiday is perfectly complemented by a gorgeous tan, skimpy bikini and of course, a mane of beachy waves. Human hair extensions are the celebrities’ must-have summer accessory, so why not make them yours too?

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Human Hair Extensions can behave differently to your own hair on holiday so pay particular attention to them.  Caring for your hair extensions on holiday is easy if you follow these simple do’s and don’ts.  Be sure to choose quality Remy human hair!


Wearing micro ring extensions, nano extensions and tape extensions you are not completely restricted from swimming. As long as you prevent tangling of your extensions by tying your hair back into a pony-tail, bun or plait. Be careful and wherever possible, don’t allow extensions to get wet, as chemicals used within pool water can damage hair and may sometimes cause extensions to develop a discolouration.

It is important to remember that the special pigments used to colour human hair extensions are not the same as you might get in a box dye at home.   They can react with pool chemicals, mineral content of tap water and most definitely sun creams and oils.  Tie your hair up to keep it away from oils and pool water and wherever possible, cover wit a hat or cap.  This also applies to sunbed users.  Cover your extensions while using sunbeds as they can dry out extension hair, and can even change colour.

Keep a tangle tamer hair brush and a leave-in conditioning spray in your beach bag and brush your hair by the pool if it begins to tangle. It is advisory that you try not to submerge your hair under the water however we do understand however that splashing and annoying siblings or friends do happen!

NEVER leave your hair loose when swimming! Unnecessary pulling and tangling from loose hair can cause damage to your both hair and your extensions!

Using specialist extension shampoo and conditioner immediately after swimming can prevent issues developing from swimming with hair extensions.


Just like your delicate skin your hair extensions require protection from the sun. Don’t just leave your extensions to fend for themselves! Be sure to apply a leave-in conditioning spray.  Our Leave in Protein Spray is a must.  Use it everyday on your extensions, but especially important while on holiday.

Holiday Hair Extensions - Leave In Conditioner
Leave in Conditioning Spray

Make sure however you do not put oily products through the whole hair length. Apply the product only to the ends of your hair extensions. If you are wearing, micro ring or tape extensions, product on the bonds may cause the extensions to slip. For nano and keratin bond extensions extra care must be taken to prevent product from touching the bonds. Oily product can break down the bond and cause the extensions to slip or shed.

Don’t forget to protect your scalp. A burnt scalp is not only sore but also could be severely damaging for the health of your own hair. Remember to pack a hat or bandana to shield your scalp!

Washing Hair Extensions

Be sure to wash you hair extensions in the evening to give your hair that moisture it needs! Specialist products could be used including our Hair Extensions Boost or our hair rehab Intense Damage Repair treatments. When purchasing products for your holiday keep in mind that you must stay clear of sulphates and parabens!

holiday hair extensions
Secret Hair Extensions – Hair Extensions Boost – Aftercare Product
Holiday Hair Extensions
Secret Hair Extensions – Intense Damage Repair – Aftercare Product

Clip In Hair Extensions

We would not advise swimming in clip in hair extensions. Not only would the weight of the water put extra strain on the clips but they would also become visible with wet. The movement of the hair when in contact with water allows for tangling to occur so to keep your clip in hair extensions in perfect condition, don’t wear them in the pool.

Aftercare Products

Our range of salon quality aftercare products will keep your Holiday Hair Extensions in perfect condition, as they have been specifically designed to protect and extend the life of your quality human remy hair extensions.


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